2019 LCK Promotions dates announced

KeSPA announced the venues and the dates for 2019 LCK Promotions. The 4-match day bracket will decide which two of the four teams, MVP, bbq Olivers, Team BattleComics and Damwon Gaming, will be promoted to play in 2019 LCK Spring Split.

Kongdoo Monster out of the race; Damwon and BattleComics with eyes on LCK

Kongdoo Monster fans will be sad to hear that the team, who have consistently pendulumed between LCK and Challengers the last few seasons, are completely out of the race for 2019 Spring. Kongdoo Monster finished Challengers Korea on 3rd place then were defeated by Challengers Playoffs Round 1, losing their place in the Promotions and their hope of making a return to LCK in 2019 Spring Split.

Instead, Damwon Gaming and Team BattleComics – two new teams who have never played in LCK before – will be competing to make a break into LCK. Damwon and BattleComics will be inspired to repeat Griffin’s meteoric rise this Summer. Griffin came out of Challengers in 2018 Summer and made a miracle run to the Summer finals; their royal road was only crushed by KT Rolster in the finals, who defeated the new team on a 3-2 match score.

PapaSmithy and Valdes will cast the Promotions; live matches to be held at Nexon Arena

With the schedule also comes the announcement of English broadcast and venue. Valdes announced on his Twitter that he will be casting 2019 Spring Promotions, alongside PapaSmithy.

The Promotion matches will be produced by SPOTV. The live matches will be held in Nexon Arena, Gangnam. The announcement confirms that LCK Summer Split Final was the final League of Legends game produced by OGN. From 2019, Riot Korea will take over the broadcasting rights for LCK and directly produce all LCK matches.


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