All five members of “Old ROX” are in LCK Playoffs. In 6 days, at least one of them will be crowned LCK Spring Champion

Image Source: Riot Games

The legacy of Old ROX continues. On 4th of April, KT Rolster defeated SK Telecom T1 and advanced to LCK Playoffs the semi-finals. KT Rolster will now face Afreeca Freecs in the semi-finals and possibly Kingzone DragonX in the finals. This means that all five members of the legendary “Old ROX” are in top three teams of the Playoffs. The five players are Smeb in KT Rolster, Kuro in Afreeca Freecs, and PraY, GorillA and Peanut in Kingzone DragonX.

The 2015-2016 iteration of LCK team ROX Tigers – often dubbed to as “Old ROX” – remains one of the most celebrated and impactful teams in the history of professional League of Legends. Consisting of Smeb, Peanut, Kuro, PraY and GorillA, the five members initially came together in 2015 through personal connections of GorillA. The team of close friends would quickly see domestic and international success, becoming three-times LCK Champions, Season 5 Worlds finalist, and Season 6 semi-finalists.

Fans were attracted to ROX Tigers’ underdog story, their aggressive playstyle and the close sense of brotherhood the members had with one another. The team’s sudden disbandment at the end of 2016, financial issues cited as the reason, was a shock to the League of Legends community.

2 years have passed and teams have changed, yet the individual members of “Old ROX” continue to play and rank high in LCK. The fact all 5 members of Old ROX are in the top 3 teams in LCK Playoffs is just another testimony to how strong these players were – and continue to be. And in 6 days, LCK Finals will be held in Busan and one Afreeca Freecs, KT Rolsters or Kingzone DragonX will become an LCK Spring Champion. A ROX Tiger will again lift the LCK Championships Cup.


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