Bdd in his performance against Afreeca: “Yesterday, Madlife wished me well, and I think I’ve played well today because of that. Madlife-hyung, I love you.”

Image Source: OGN/Twitch

In the re-match of LCK Spring Split finals, Kingzone DragonX came out victorious over Afreeca Freecs.

Throughout the best-of-3, Kingzone seemed to return to the traditional EU composition with PraY playing marksman in all three Games. In Game 1, Bdd took the MVP with his immaculate performance on Zoe, leading the damage chart with his pokes. In Game 3, Khan was awarded the MVP on the surprise pick Kled, which he utilized to lead teamfights and secure Kingzone’s snowball towards the victory.

After the match, OGN interviewed the two MVPs, Bdd and Khan.

Congratulations on the win! Bdd, you look a little unsatisfied by your performance on the last match, while Khan looks very smug. Could you please introduce yourselves to the fans?

Bdd: I’m very happy to have beaten a powerful team…but I think I should go back to practising again.

Khan: Hello, I’m Khan, who’ve just played the last game spectacularly well.

Bdd, you shouldn’t hang your head so low. You’ve shown some amazing performance on Zoe on Game 1. Then Kuro also played a good game on Zoe on Game 2. Today, it looked like whichever team took Zoe played a favourable game.

Bdd: I was a little triggered when Kuro also took the MVP with Zoe in the second game. However, I played well on Game 1 so I guess I don’t feel too bad overall.

Zoe’s damage is very difficult to predict. How do you play Zoe and calculate damage so perfectly with her?

Bdd: When I first started playing her, it was also difficult for me to predict her damage output. Nowadays, I’ve become used to it and I’ve become better at getting kills with her.

Khan, you played Kled today. In LPL, Kled has made an appearance to counter Akali in mid-lane. Was your Kled pick inspired by other regions playing him? Or have you been practising Kled by yourself?

Khan: I have been practising on Kled. In Solo Q, CuVee has been playing Kled a lot. So I was inspired by him.

In a previous interview, you stated that you’ve never been bad at tank champions. Today, you’ve played Ornn for the first time and you currently sit at 0% winrate with him.

Khan: I don’t think I played him too bad. Don’t think my Ornn itself had any problems. (Laughs)

Khan, now you’ve gone against the other two top-laners of LCK, Kiin and CuVee. Who would you say is the best top-laner in LCK at the moment?

Khan: Which teams are 1st place in the LCK rankings at the moment? Gen.G and Griffin…So we have to say that the players for these teams, at the moment, are the best players. There’s still a lot of time left until the end of the season. Whoever comes first at the end of the split will naturally be the best top-laner.

Khan, you’ve really become “softer” these days.

Bdd: I do think he’s softened these days, both on camera and off camera.

Khan: I haven’t softened, I’ve just mellowed as a person. The moment that I reach the 1st place again…I’ll let the sentence finish on its own.

In all 3 games, the tide of the game seems to be decided on how well the team’s bot-lane is doing.

Khan: I think every team is trying to adjust to these new changes, especially in the bot-lane. Once the changes have been fully researched on and enough practices have been carried out, I think PraY and GorillA will dominate once again. If you just look at pure skills, I think our bot lane is still the best in LCK.

Khan, these days your opponent teams pick Jayce against you. Possibly to prevent you from picking Jayce yourself. How does it feel to lane against Jayce?

Khan: During the lane phase I’d be thinking – “Ah, it’s what it feels like to be at the receiving end of Jayce’s pokes.” It does hurt. I was a little bittersweet to lane against Jayce.

Due to unexpected difficulties we had a few in-game pauses today. The time of the games really got pushed back. Do you have a word to your fans, who’ve remained to watch the match until the end despite all the pauses and delays?

Bdd: First of all, our form is improving again, so thank you to fans who’ve been cheering us all along. Also – I was talking to Madlife yesterday. Madlife wished me well, and I think I’ve played well today because of that. Madlife-hyung, I love you.

Do you also have a word for PraY? Tomorrow, he would be celebrating having played 6 years in LCK.

Bdd: Well, PraY-hyung already knows I love him, so I won’t say anything.




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