CoreJJ on playing against MVP’s Yi-Taric combination: “We were reminded of just how strong that comp is.”

Image Source: SPOTV/Twitch

Gen.G Esports continued their hot streak in LCK as they defeated MVP in 2:0. While 8.11 meta has seen bruisers and mages have replaced marksmen at bot-lane, Gen.G continues to play traditional marksman champions – and win.

After the match, SPOTV invited the two MVPs – Haru for Game 1, CoreJJ for Game 2 – for an interview, with a surprise guest from the audience.

Let’s hear from Haru and CoreJJ! Haru, Game 1 was such a close game. How did you feel coming out of the first game?

Haru: I was a little nervous during the first Game, I think I’ve made a few mistakes early on; but very happy to have won the game and also receive the MVP.

CoreJJ: Game 1 was a close game, and I thought that we were heading towards a clean win. However from mid-game things started to get difficult, and my heart was dropping constantly throughout the game.

It was around 28 minutes mark that MVP started defending their base and Gen.G started losing teamfights. After Game 1, instead of celebrating, the team headed straight into the waiting room for feedback. What were some of the feedback you received from the coaching staff?

Haru: After we took the bot and mid inhibitors, we committed to another teamfight even though most of our ults were down. We received a feedback that we shouldn’t have been hanging around the enemy base during that time.

CoreJJ, did you still think that you could turn the game around in Game 1?

CoreJJ: As we were losing teamfight after teamfight, I was realizing that it was more about running away from teamfights rather than winning them.

It looks like you were prepared against the popular Yi-Taric combo. Was Braum the answer you had prepared for the question that is the Yi-Taric combo?

Haru: We did practice against Yi-Taric using Braum. Because our draft was favorable, should have been a lead for us; but I made a few mistakes in the early game, let the game drag on longer than it should have.

CoreJJ: I’d say Braum is a reasonable counter for Yi-Taric. However, when we played against Yi-Taric, we were reminded of just how strong that comp is. After today’s match, we have to go back to the drawing board; think about how we will counter it.

In Game 1, 4 ban cards were used on banning out support champions. It means that the opponent team is really respecting your game presence, CoreJJ. How does it feel to play when a lot of ban cards are used on your position?

CoreJJ: It’s actually fun playing when a lot of your champions are banned. If you pick the best champion in the remaining choices and show a good performance regardless, you’ve just made the opponent team waste their ban cards. Which is pretty fun to watch.

CoreJJ, how did you feel about the second game?

CoreJJ: I haven’t practised a lot as Tahm Kench against Fiddlestick. However,  our sub support, Life, is very good at Fiddlestick. He taught me some useful things about Fiddlestick, so I was able to play well.

Haru, today we had a pleasure to see you play Rengar. It is your signature pick, but he’s not the most suited pick in the current meta, a champion that we do not get to see too often in a professional match.

Haru: I’m always confident about playing Rengar, and I raised my hand up during pick and ban; so we did pick it.

Do you think you played Rengar as well as you hoped to?

Haru: I didn’t play Rengar as clean as I hoped to…Died near the Red bush…But other than that, I think I played ok.


(CoreJJ and Ruler are members of the Korean National team for 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games) CoreJJ, how does it feel to represent Korea?

CoreJJ: The responsibility is a weight on my shoulder, and…it will mean that more eyes than ever will be watching our performance. Then if we do well in the Asian Games, hopefully, more people will come to like us. So I feel responsible, yet…it’s a bit fun at the same time.

We have someone in the audience who says “I’ve come to see the Korean representatives!” (To the man in the audience) Maybe you have a question for the Korean representatives? 

Man in the audience holds up the “I’ve come to see the Korean representatives.” Image Source: SPOTV/Twitch

Audience: Hello. I am a support player in Silver. Maybe I don’t deserve to speak because I’m a Silver…

No such thing! I came down here because it looked like you have a question!

Audience: What’s the single most important thing around macro when you are playing as a support player? Perhaps your answer will help me get promoted to Gold.

CoreJJ: This is not just for someone looking to go from Silver to Gold, but to any support player who’s looking to move up in their tier…

CoreJJ: It’s important to know and recognize your “Role” in the game.

Know that you’re not supposed to be playing Master Yi.

CoreJJ: (Laughs) Every moment in the game, think about what you have to do to steer the game to victory…Keep trying to look for things you need to do. Then, your skill we hopefully increase.



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