KZ Cuzz on his next series against Jin Air Greenwings:”Because Jin Air Greenwings has won a series, we cannot be overconfident against them. We will put in our best effort to win against [Jin Air].”

Kingzone DragonX defeated DAMWON Gaming to claim sole fourth place in 2019 LCK Spring split.

Riot Korea interviewed Moon “Cuzz” Woo-chan following the match.

Kingzone’s topside has been quite spectacular today. Can you tell us if there were any special preparation from the team?

Cuzz: I think it was the product of our team improving, from the players and coach working hard together.

The draft in the first game was quite interesting, with Kingzone opting for a composition that favored multiple initiation options. Was it prepared or did it just happen as the pick and ban proceeded?

Cuzz: It just happened as the draft went along, but we did give thought to each of the picks.

After the draft what did you think?

Cuzz: Because we had Rakan and Gragas, I thought we would win easily.

The “Yaragas”[Yasuo and Gragas] combo has been amazing throughout the game. You managed to deal the most damage ingame with Gragas, with 17k damage to enemy champions. 

Damage chart for the first game. Image Source: Riot

Cuzz: Since it’s not that common for jungler to deal the most damage, I was quite happy when I checked the damage graph.

When practicing, do you usually rank high in damage dealt?

Cuzz: In our scrims, when we played the Yaragas duo I would sometimes rank first in damage to the enemy champions.

There was a moment in midlane, where you managed to start an engage on [the enemy LeBlanc and Riven] with your Gragas ult.

Cuzz: Since Yasuo had ult and I had flash I thought if our opponent overextended we can quickly burst them down. So I thew my ult, and then followed that up with a flash-body slam.

It’s a play your opponents did not expect at all. Is it the sort of play you like?

Cuzz: I love looking for angles to kill, so it’s the kind of play I like.

In the second game, PawN brought out Vel’koz to faceoff against Ryze. 

Cuzz: PawN decided to bring out a pick he was confident in. He’s good at different champions as well, but he went for a champion he was more comfortable with.

Do the coaches freely allow the players to pick champions they want?

Cuzz: Sometimes we get to pick champions, sometimes the coaches ask us to pick champions they want.

TusiN’s Rakan was quite impactful this series. Is the team more comfortable when TusiN is playing Rakan?

Cuzz: Since junglers are often the ones initiating, when TusiN is on Rakan, the role of initiating is shared between us, which takes a bit of the load off of me.

You showed great plays on Rek’sai in the second game. 

Cuzz: Since Rek’sai allows me to play aggressively, it’s quite good. And since I was confident in it, I was able to do well on it.

Your next series is against Jin Air Greenwings.

Cuzz: Because Jin Air Greenwings has won a series, we cannot be overconfident against them. We will put in our best effort to win against [Jin Air]


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