Damwon Gaming announces 2019 roster, including Nuguri, Showmaker and “JUGKING”

The new member of LCK, Damwon Gaming, has announced its full roster for 2019.

The team retained all of its main players while also making a few valuable acquisitions. Lee “Aries” Chae-hwan, the former AD carry for BBQ Olivers, has joined Damwon under a new in-game name “Calm”. Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu, the former trainee of Damwon more known by his solo Q name JUGKING, has finally been included on the roster. Kim Jung-su, the former coach of Invictus Gaming who had led the LPL team to World Championship, also joins the team as the head coach.

A 2018 Challenger team, Damwon Gaming was promoted to LCK through 2019 LCK Spring Promotions, held in 2018 September. The team made headlines for the promising performance during the Promotions, led by solo Q stars Nuguri, Hoit and Showmaker,¬†and was dubbed “The Next Griffin”. As Damwon heads into 2019 with an even more improved roster, it is thought that the newcomer to the Korean league will offer a serious competition to the existing members of LCK

The full roster of Damwon Gaming is as follows:

TOP : DWG Nuguri
JUG : DWG Punch
JUG : DWG Canyon
MID : DWG Showmaker
ADC : DWG Nuclear
ADC : DWG Calm
SUP : DWG Hoit

Damwon also mentioned that the team is on a continuous lookout for a new top laner and a mid laner, indicating that Damwon would follow the trend set by other LCK teams and complete a full 10-man roster.


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