EDG Ray: “I think it’s a miracle that EDG has made it to Worlds in the first place”

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Hello Ray! Today you’ve qualified for Worlds in a very convincing manner, by defeating DFM in 3-0.

Ray: It does feel really good. [During Round 1 of Play-Ins] we lost to Infinite Gaming, and I came out of that defeat feeling extremely regretful, wondering if I was the reason why we lost. Today we’ve managed to win the match in a clean 3-0 match score, which makes me feel good.

You’ve shown a very good performance today. Your Ornn at Game 3 dealt the highest damage out of all the players from both teams from that game.

Ray: I’ve dealt the most amount of damage [out of all the players] in that game. I think I’ve achieved this because I performed well and I’m proficient in Ornn.

Image Source: Riot Games

EDG qualified for Worlds as the third seed for LPL. Perhaps you feel regretful that you had to go through Play-Ins in order to play for Group Stages.

Ray: Our form was extremely bad during this year’s Summer Split. We never took a single game out of the stronger teams and we often looked shaky in our performances. We were even crushed by JD Gaming during the Playoffs. So I don’t have any dissatisfaction over qualifying for Worlds on a third-seed. It’s simply the result of our bad performance during Summer Split.

I think it’s a miracle that [EDG] made it to Worlds in the first place. Because our performance had been so bad, I thought that Worlds was far away for EDG. Somehow we are here, and will play in the Group Stage soon… It’s already incredible that we’ve made it this far.

At last year, I played for Cloud9 and our team also started in the Play-Ins. At that time, Cloud9 became stronger as the team overcame Play-Ins and Group Stages, progressing far into Worlds. Because of that experience, I think positively of EDG going through Play-Ins.

So you think EDG will show even better performance at Group Stages?

Ray: Yes, I think we’ll gain a momentum.

The level of support that EDG fans have been showing has been astounding. In the stadium, I hear chants of “EDG jiayou”. The fans have pooled money to display billboards supporting EDG on buildings and subways.

Ray: [EDG fans] supporting us fills me up with pride. It makes a huge difference whether or not there are fans to support you during the matches. When we hear our fans cheering for us at the venue, it gives the team a lot of strength. On the other hand, if there are a lot of fans supporting the opposing team, we can’t help but feel intimidated. So I’d like to tell the fans, thank you for supporting us like this. Thank you for the effort you put in.

So you’d like to thank the fans, maybe bid them to continue showing support?

Ray: Yes. If you keep supporting us, maybe we’ll continue to perform even better.

This year, Worlds is being held in Korea; closer to your family and friends. Does it feel any special to attend Worlds while it’s being held in your home country?

Ray: It’s not often that Worlds is held in Korea. I’m grateful that I can be part of this event while it’s being held in Korea. Perhaps I have put in a lot of effort after all, for me to be offered such an opportunity. I’m satisfied.

It’s been 4 years since I’ve left Korea [to play for international teams]. During these 4 years, I didn’t get to see my family or my friends that often. It’s been lonely living overseas. Now that the matches are being held in Korea, I can have my friends come see me play. For today’s match, my parents were [at the venue] to support me.

Did you perhaps get to introduce your EDG teammates to Korean culture or food as the host?

Ray: We’ve been pretty focused on preparing for the matches. When we won our first match, however, the team went out to eat Korean BBQ. Watching my Chinese friends enjoy the food made me feel proud.

Again, congratulations on qualifying for Group Stages of Worlds. Do you have any particular team you’d like to face against – perhaps any team you’d like to avoid at Worlds?

Ray:  I’d love to face Team Liquid and Cloud9. As of Team Liquid – the team has Impact, who has helped me become the player I am today. As of Cloud9 – Cloud9 was my former team and continues to be my favorite team. Even to this day, I support Cloud9. Also, if I play against Cloud9 perhaps I’ll catch the eyes of NA fans again.

I haven’t thought of a team that I’d like to avoid facing. [EDG] are in a situation where we have to play to win every single match. I’m not afraid of any teams. Confidence is what we need at the moment, so I do not try to focus on the thought of avoiding any teams in particular.

Image Source: Riot Games

Thank you so much for making time for this interview. Do you have any final words?

Ray: A year ago, I played in the NA LCS. I can speak English, but I’m not too good at it. I really wanted to do this interview in English, but I know I can’t, so I’m sorry to my NA fans. I’d like to say something in English, but I’m worried that I won’t be able to properly express my thoughts…

To my NA fans; I know there are people who are still supporting me, and I am sorry that I cannot return this support [by speaking English]. Thank you for always cheering for me. Thank you, also, to my Chinese fans for cheering for me. Finally, thank you to my Korean fans for supporting me after all this time.


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