Fly on adjusting to Gen.G: “I’ve been playing professionally for a long time, so I meld into any team pretty quickly.”

Image Source: SPOTV/Twitch

It must feel good to win two matches in a row. How are you feeling at the moment?

Fly: It feels good to win, it feels good to win again.

Haru: I’ve been performing well in scrims, it seems that I was able to translate that into today’s match, I’m satisfied.

Maybe it’s because you’ve been practicing so hard, but it looks like you’ve lost a lot of weight.

Haru: I’m on a diet; exercising between scrims, been hitting the gym.

Fly, in your last victory you looked a bit reserved even though you had won. Now you look much more relaxed, leaning back in your chair.

Fly: We’ve just played against Kingzone and SKT, who I personally consider to be very strong teams. I couldn’t put down my guard. Now that we’ve overcome some big names, I think I’m letting myself relax a bit more.

In today’s match, the opponent pulled out Master Yi-Taric composition. Haru, what are your thoughts on the “Ma-Ta” composition?

Haru: The Yi-Taric duo, by itself, can be very strong. However, we also managed to draft ourselves that we counter Yi-Taric. So I didn’t give them too much thought during the game.

And you also pulled out an equally interesting mid-laner Braum. Fly, many fans worldwide will agree that you’re the first person to popularize the mid-lane Braum.

Fly: Oh, really?

What were you thinking when you were watching the match earlier today, where (Kingzone) also attempted Braum mid?

Fly: I was thinking that I could play Braum much better.

We also have to praise Gen.G’s teamwork today. Haru, you especially seemed to have very good chemistry with your teammates on Camille today.

Haru: I only tend to go in when I’m ready to commit, so when I shotcall I do so in a very confident way…We’ve been doing well on practices, and I think that has translated to our performance today.

Fly, some people were concerned that you will not be able to perform well because you’ve only joined Gen.G recently and have had very limited time to practice with the team.

Fly: I’ve been playing professionally for a while, so I meld into any team pretty quickly. I was not particularly worried about not adjusting quick enough.

How is Ambition? Are you getting along with him too?

Fly: I think Ambition-hyung has been warming up to me. He tries to start a conversation with me every now and then.

Fly, Haru, are you satisfied with the victory today?

Fly: It was SKT, after all. I’m satisfied.

Haru: Yeah, I think I did well.

Can you say any final words to the fans?

Fly: We’ll be playing against MVP next. We’ll prepare for the next match and win again, in a clean fashion that we have won today.


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