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Victory interview with Gen.G after the defending champions qualify for 2018 Worlds

Gen.G became the third and final LCK team to qualify to 2018 World Championship. In Regional Qualifier, Gen.G made the miracle run a reality SKT, Griffin then finally Kingzone. Gen.G joins KT Rolster and Afreeca Freecs to compete in Worlds, starting in October.

After the 3-2 victory against Kingzone DragonX that secured Gen.G a Worlds spot, SPOTV interviewed the defending World Champions.

SPOTV: They call it the “Autumn Gen.G” buff and you’ve really done it, started from the bottom of the Regional Qualifier to qualify for Worlds. Congratulations on the victory!

You’ve climbed from the bottom of the Regional Qualifier. What made you persist and make it all the way until the end of Regional Qualifier? 

Crown: It’s been a difficult climb here; so I decided to let everything go, and play without pressure. I think that has actually turned out better.

CoreJJ, there are talks that all of the players are improving in performance. 

CoreJJ: I think we’ve grown stronger as the team during the Regional Qualifier and finished the last match of the Qualifier with a convincing performance. It’ll be good to be there for Worlds.

Going through the Regional Qualifier to qualify for Worlds must have been immensely difficult. 

Crown: It was. The 2nd match, Griffin, was especially difficult. Griffin are all good players. We had a lot more to lose in that match-up, and it was a hard match for us.

CoreJJ: Yeah, the match against Griffin was difficult. I also remember that SKT was very difficult for me. It was the first match, and we had to gain our momentum by beating SKT.

Who was the best player today in your personal opinion?

Crown: CuVee is looking at me saying that “It was me”, but I’d say it’s Haru.

Haru: I’m glad that we’ve come out of today with a clean victory.

Your performance has really peaked during the Regional Qualifier. You’ve come a lot from the beginning of the Regional Qualifier to today’s match.

Haru: I haven’t been involved in a lot of scrims recently, and during that time I’ve spent effort in increasing my own performance. I think that has yielded good results.

Image Source: SPOTV

Now that each player in Gen.G are stepping up in turn, which player do you think will perform the best in the coming World Championship?

Haru: Ruler; I think he’s grown a lot calmer during the games.

Ruler, there are a lot of praises about your performance recently. You seem to be continuing to mature as a professional player. 

Ruler: I’m actually playing much worse than in my practices. I think I must continue putting in effort in order to show my full capabilities in matches.

Now that you’ve qualified for Worlds after such a long period of trial through Regional Qualifier, you must be even more determined to show off in the international stage.

Ruler: I think I’ve changed a lot since Asian Games and that it has been a turning point so I hope to also become even better (during Worlds)

We finally have to hear the words CuVee, who dominated the match today!

CuVee: We just did well, and we rode into the match with good momentum and continued riding on it.

Earlier today, we asked Soaz of Fnatic who visited Nexon Arena about who’s the best top laner in the World; your name didn’t come up.

CuVee: It’s not about who’s the best top laner, it’s about who’s the best team.


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