Gen.G Ruler: “Honestly? I think people aren’t picking marksman because they are just bad at them.”

Image Source: OGN/Twitch

Gen.G began their Summer Split with a strong start as they reverse-swept the Spring Champions, Kingzone DragonX. Starting with Fly as their mid-laner instead of Crown, and played a marksman composition that was deemed outdated in patch 8.11.

After the match, OGN interviewed the two MVP players of Gen.G, Haru and Fly, as well as Gen.G’s ADC, Ruler.

This victory would have been even more meaningful because it was their first victory after the team’s re-branding. Would you please say hello to the fans?

Haru: Hello, I’m Haru, playing as a jungler for Gen.G.

Fly: Hello, I am Fly, I have newly joined Gen.G

You’ve not only returned to the LCK stage, but you’re here doing an MVP interview as a victor.

Fly: I think I would have been criticized a lot if I had lost this game. But we’ve won…I think I feel the happiest in the recent memory.

You sound a bit conservative. Have things been difficult with your team in the recent practices?

Fly: No, it’s not like that. I’ve actually had some good win-rates (in recent practices). It’s just the fact that we’ve won against Kingzone.

Before you went overseas (NA), you were in Kingzone DragonX, formerly Longzhu Gaming. So there was also a lot of hype around the match-up between you and Bdd. It looked like you were also showing off in mid-game because of this match-up. Were you conscious of this match-up?

Fly: Yes, I at least was feeling conscious about it.

Haru, did Fly ask for more jungle attention towards the mid-lane than the usual?

Haru: I don’t think he did; he just called me over whenever there was a good opening for a gank.

So many things have changed since your last MVP interview, Haru. Do you think the new face of Gen.G next to you, Fly, will do well?

Haru: …I think he will do well.

There is more talk about the meta than ever. Today, looked like Gen.G went with the tradition rather than the revolution (by picking marksman champions). It almost looked like the team was resisting the changes of the meta. Given that, did the coaching staff give you any special request when you were being subbed in?

Haru: The coach told me to play as the usual, as I have always done in practices. Aggressive when I need to be, defensively when I need to be defensive.

Image Source: OGN/Twitch

Fly, you were always known as a shotcaller who leads the plays. Do your shotcalling tendencies meld well with Gen.G’s existing chemistry?

Fly: Yeah. It looks like before I joined the team, Ambition did most of the talking in the team. By me coming into the team, I believe that we have more voices in the team.

In Game 3, Fly, you made a call for Haru to come to gank in the mid lane. What was your thought process behind that?

Fly: People who play Aurelian Sol always try to push the lane. I knew that; I’ve played him many times myself before, so I called the jungler over.

Bdd and you each took turns to play Aurelian Sol in Game 2 and Game 3. You’ve won both games. Could you tell us more about the decision to pick Aurelian Sol in Game 3?

Fly: (At that time) Kingzone’s composition was a little…weird. It looked like they did not have CC. So I was debating whether to play Ryze or ASol, and my teammates suggested that I play ASol.

Many people were shocked to see that you built Banner of Command on ASol. Where do you think the Banner is placed in the current meta?

Fly: I played Banner of Commands because it’s being removed from League very soon. So I wanted to play it while I could.

We’d also like to call Ruler over, who can be the representing voice of all ADC and marksman in the world. 

Ruler! Is it still possible to play marksman in patch 8.11?

Ruler: Honestly? I think people aren’t picking marksman because they are just bad at them.

(Crowd roars into laughter)

So playing marksman is not trolling in this meta?

Ruler: Not at all. Look, I’ve just come back from Asian Games. I felt a little lost when I came back, tried a few different things…and decided that marksman is still playable.

Many ADCs are having a difficult time all over the world. People are telling their ADCs picks like Kog’maw and Caitlyn are trolls, and it’s a time for Yasuo and Irelia picks. What’s your thought on that?

Ruler: I’ve given a go in a few of these melee “ADCs” in Solo Q, but honestly every time I’ve fed in these games…So I think I’d still play marksman.


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