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Gen.G Ruler: “To Griffin and also to other rookies that might be joining LCK; I hope they don’t get disheartened”

Hello Ruler! Congratulations on the victory today and progressing to the finals of Regional Qualifier. 

Ruler: At Game 4, the team got carried away and gave away an easy victory for ourselves. At that point, I was worried that the rest of the day will turn out difficultly. However, thankfully we won (the final game), which I am relieved for.

It was a long, intense match that went to Game 5. You never seemed to falter in your concentration and was crucial for Gen.G winning the last few teamfights in Game 5 and turning the game around. Could you tell us more about that, especially the last teamfight near the Inhibitor Turret?

Ruler: I don’t actually remember the situation clearly. I remember one of our own players dying. However, we told ourselves “We’ve got this, we’ll win the next teamfight for sure” and thankfully the team closed the teamfight through that resolution.

There had been some concerns about your performance during Asian Games and the previous match against SKT. However, today you’ve seemed to have stepped up with your delivery; no one is doubting your performance now.

Ruler: I think I’ve been approaching my practices the wrong before the Asian Games, and because I knew this I didn’t have a lot of confidence during Asian Games. After I returned to Korea, I’ve decided to shift the way I practise. I think that has resulted in me rebuilding my form back. I believe this to be the case. I’d say my performance is finally (back on track).

Do you think your mindset has also changed since the Asian Games?

Ruler: To be honest, I’ve learnt a lot from the Asian Games and I’ve matured from that experience as a result. I think I took a lot away from the Asian Games.

Gen.G’s bot lane, overall, had a very good performance throughout all five Games. You’ve constantly applied lane pressure, and the First Blood was often made by Gen.G at the bot lane. CoreJJ was always there to save you and win the skirmish at clutch moments.

Ruler: Our bot lane (me and CoreJJ) recently have been noticing great synergy and our form is on a high. I think CoreJJ has donw amazingly.

Ruler: CoreJJ-hyung, thank you for the hard work. Let’s prepare the final match well and not lose our concentration until the very end.

Griffin, the team out of Challengers Korea, made breakthroughs in LCK this Split but just fell short of qualifying for Worlds. The defeat won’t be easy for the new rookies who have just entered LCK. Ruler, as a seasoned player, have any advice for the rookies?

Ruler: To the Griffin players, and also to other rookies (that might be joining LCK) because Promotions will be held soon, right? I hope that the new players don’t get disheartened (by defeats). Let’s all do well and show good performance.

Now you’ll be facing Kingzone DragonX at Regional Qualifier finals. Kingzone is still a strong contender. Do you have any thoughts or resolutions as you look to face Kingzone in the finals?

Ruler: We will prepare the match with a mindset that it’s a “Do or die”. Please do support us, and I promise to show good performance (on Sunday).

Gen.G always come out strong during Regional Qualifier. “Gauntlet Buff” Gen.G, so they say. Do you agree with this statement and why do you believe this is the case

Ruler: I think we (Gen.G), in general, slowly start to get ourselves together into a better form by the time autumn hits. We always seem to slip (during the regular season) and somehow end up in Regional Qualifier, but we also always seem to come out of the Qualifier with good results, so this history that our team has may have given us the “Gauntlet Buff” image. However, I believe that we’re always a good team, not just in the Qualifier. So yeah, please do keep supporting us.

Any final words?

Ruler: It’s been a difficult few days, but somehow we’ve managed to take victory after victory and qualify to the final match (that will determine whether Gen.G will go to Worlds). Thank you for supporting us after all this time, and we promise to show good performance even til the very last match.

Could you also say a word of thanks to the English fans?


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