GorillA on Kingzone’s performance on international stages: “We have no excuses; we did not play well. The only thing we can do is now is redeem ourselves with good performance.”

Image Source: OGN/Twitch

This won’t be an easy interview even given that you’ve won today. Khan, first of all, congratulations on your double MVP today.

Khan: We now resume our Split after our international schedule. (Pauses ) Thank you for the MVP today!

GorillA, your shoulders are slumping today. It must be a heavy weight on your shoulder to come to this interview today. We’ve called GorillA over to have a honest discussion about Rift Rivals.

GorillA: We have no excuses; we did not play well. The only thing we can do now is redeem ourselves with good performances in the remainder of the Split.

GorillA: The players and the coaching staff have all recognized that we need to bring changes to the team. There will be upcoming changes to the team, including how we practise for upcoming matches. We have accepted the feedbacks and everyone on the team are in the mind to show a better version of ourselves.

This is a question that both LCK fans and Kingzone have been asking. Why do you believe the performance of Kingzone falters in international stages?

Khan: I don’t think it’s a jinx of any kind. I’ve only been playing in LCK from Spring Split last year, and it has only been two Seasons so far. So I believe I think we still have close off the Season well.

Do you believe the players feel extra pressure in international stages?

GorillA: I think individually, the players do feel pressure. It’s something I’ve also personally been working to overcome. I do believe that once we finally find out momentum, we can fully reach our potential. We believe that we can show better performance in next match, in the next opportunity.

Kled has made an appearance in Rift Rivals, and now teams are seen playing Kled back in LCK.

Khan: Kled is certianly viable pick, in mid on top. We have experienced it first-hand in Rift Rivals (Laughs) so we gave Kled a go after our match in Rift Rivals, and have decided that it is a good pick.

You did not decide to ban Kled in Rift Rivals, I guess at that time you thought the pick was counterable at that time.

Khan: We were doubtful of Kled’s potential at the time of Rift Rivals, however once we got a taste of it ourselves, we have change our mind.

Khan, people often request you to play aggressive champion. Whenever Kingzone DragonX loses, there is some community reaction saying “They should have put Khan on a carry”

Khan: Depending on the situation of the game, I can either decide to tank up and play defenI think it’s fully possible to play Mundo aggressively.

We specifically need to ask about Garen. Are rumors that Garen is a viable pick now, that many teams

Khan: Well…I’m not sure; can you even play that pick?



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