GRF Viper on his ADC Teemo: “Teemo is a pick that we have had prepared for, and there was an opening to pick him”

Griffin's Viper, who shocked the world with his Teemo ADC against MVP. Image Source: OGN

Red alert warning has been issued out to Korean Solo Q. Griffin defeated MVP in a convincing 2:0 with highly experimental picks such as Teemo ADC. In Game 2 of the match Griffin’s ADC, Viper locked down Teemo in for the first time in 2 years in LCK, setting both Korean and global communities on fire.

After the match against MVP, OGN interviewed Viper, the MVP for Game 1 and Chovy, the MVP for Game 2.

Captain Viper, the viewers around the world Do we have to ask you this question: Why did you pick it?

Viper: Teemo is a pick that we have had prepared for, and there was an opening to pick it so I locked in Teemo.

What the hell is an “opening to pick Teemo?”

Viper: The opponent ADC should not be an ADC with a high sustain in lane, in which case you can harrass the opponent with the blind.

Viper: Also it depends on the support of the other team’s bot lane. Depending on the support of the opponent team you might also be put in danger too often.

By picking Teemo, you managed to draw the attention to the bot lane and allow your top lane to snowball.

Viper: Yeah. Not only is Teemo playable, but is annoying to play against, and I was being targeted more than I should. It’s a champion that can receive extra attention by the opponent team, and we turned it back on the opponent team and enabled lanes other than the bot lane to open up more.

Chovy, also you’ve carried the game with Yasuo in Game 2. The young players in LCK are really good at Yasuo. Who’s sword is sharper? Yours or Ucal’s?

Chovy: From what I’ve shown today, I believe that my sword is the sharper one.

Viper, you picked Ezreal in Game 1 and won MVP with your performance on the champion. However, Tarzan was setting up the teamfights for a lot of these moments with his performance on Zac. Some people are saying that they awarded Tarzan the MVP instead of you because you guys look alike!

Viper: I personally believe Tarzan could have won MVP for every single game we’ve ever played. Even today, he played Zac for the first time in a while, and made me think “Tarzan is Tarzan after all” with his performance. So I actually thought that Zac would get the MVP.

Can you tell us more about the critical teamfight in Game 2? You dived in with Ezreal and continued chasing down the enemy champions, ultimately winning the fight.

Viper: I had taken Cleanse and Flash as my summoner spells. I thought I would survive even if I went in, as long as I had these two spells. Whenever there was an opening for it I dived in, applying pressure into the enemy lanes with my Q.

Viper and Chovy, the two MVPs of Griffin for the day’s match. Image Source: OGN

Chovy, you picked Yasuo for Game 2. This means that Griffin had both Yasuo and Teemo locked in for the same game. What was the team reaction for this?

Chovy: The team was mostly positive about the picks.

I hear that for Griffin, all the team members have had to agree to the picks and bans in order for it to go through. Chovy, what do you personally think about Viper’s Teemo? Did you agree with the decision to pick Teemo?

Chovy: I believe that Viper can play anything so I was not concerned. He could even pick ADC Yorick and carry with it.

Do you think Viper could play Garen in the bot lane, even?

Chovy: I haven’t seen him play it so I can’t be a judge of it, but I don’t think he’ll be a hinderance to the team at least.

Chovy, can you tell us more about the teamfight when you went 4v1? It was a performance that was at pal with Ucal’s recent performance on Yasuo.

Chovy: I was pushing the lane, and the enemy champions jumped on me. I thought I’d fight rather than run away, and somehow I managed to kill them instead of dying.

Griffin shows up with such off-meta, unconventional picks all the time. Any team that faces you will be having some headaches. Do you consider this too when you attempt such unconventional picks?

Viper: Yes. We play what we believe is good; however the other team have to put in extra work to decipher what we are doing. We might be experimenting, or we might actually be playing a very good pick. We consider this as a tactic.

Chovy, do you have any wild pick that you’ve always wanted to try? Something that you’ll play if the coach allows you one day?

Chovy: Never even thought about it…I’m not sure.

According to our statistics, this is not the first win by Teemo that we have had in LCK. Ambition has recorded a win on Teemo on mid lane, and now Viper has also won on Teemo as an ADC. It’s a record that’s a first of its kind, and probably the last.

Viper, could you give any final words to the Teemo enthusiasts watching this?

Viper: Teemo has gotten better since he can now throw his shrooms. He can at least clear lanes, he’s not a complete burden to the team. If I asked you to love Teemo…Maybe that’ll be going too far. However do give Teemo a go once in a while if he pops up in your thoughts.


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