Griffin Chovy on his insane escape on Zoe: “I got desperate, just pressed all the buttons on the keyboard and I guess I lived.”

Sword and Chovy, the two MVPs of Griffin's match against Jin Air Greenwings. Image Source: Twitch/lck

Griffin finished the LCK 2019 spring split on a victory. Griffin defeated Jin Air with a 2-0 match score. The first game was dominated by Sword who drafted Ornn and proved why he is known for his performance on tank champions. The second game’s MVP was awarded to Chovy, who dealt damage to the enemy lanes despite continuing to be targeted by the enemy team.

After the match, Riot Korea interviewed the two MVPs, Sword and Chovy.

Hi Sword! You finished the last game in the LCK spring split regular season on a victory. How are your feeling; what was your resolution coming into the match today?

Sword: I just wanted to do well myself. I wanted to show good performance, I have wanted to for a while. I’m glad that I delivered today.

Chovy, you were awarded MVP for the second game of the day and won the regular season MVP! How do you feel about this?

Chovy: I wasn’t too concerned about the MVP points, I actually thought that my teammates should have gotten the MVP more often. It wasn’t on my mind.

Sword, you played Ornn against Jayce today. In the previous game, you were beaten by Ornn while playing on Jayce. Were you inspired by this in any way? 

Sword: I mean, I got stomped pretty bad during that match-up against Kingzone DragonX. So I thought it was something I could do in turn.

Sword, people are praising your performance on tanky champions. Your performance on a tank champion, Ornn, was great indeed. What’s your thought on tank champions?

Sword: I guess I make these plays often when I’m on tank champions, they are easier on my hand.

What are your teammates’ reaction when you pick a tank champion? Do they feel confident when you play tank champions?

Sword: They never trust me. They don’t trust me on either carry or tank champions. I guess it’s just us joking around. They do it a lot.

Chovy, do you trust Sword?

Chovy: …I do.

And Sword, in the second game you picked Jayce, the pick that the enemy team had previously picked! Can you tell us more about that choice, too?

Sword: The coach doesn’t like it when I am restricted to a certain pick, only playing a shield or a sword. So I wanted to show both, my sword and my shield.

Chovy, you played Zoe in game two. You are also known for Lissandra, which the opponent team picked. How did it feel to lane against a champion you are an expert in?

Chovy: The moment I saw Lissandra on the opponent team’s draft, I felt relieved. I think I was able to play and have an easier time against Lissandra.

You had an insane performance on Zoe too. We were all thinking, why won’t that Zoe die? How do you always survive in these situations?

Chovy: I try to play safely, but I often get put on a tightrope but I try to play well anyway. I think I play out of instinct.

Can you tell us more about that 1v2 situation where Lissandra teleported mid? The opponent team ganked you yet you still escaped using Redemption.

Chovy: I thought I was going to live, but then Jarvan IV trapped me and kept hitting me with his auto attack. So I got desperate, just pressed all the buttons on the keyboard and I guess I lived.

Sword, you are now headed directly to the finals. Who would you like to face at that finals stage?

Sword: All the teams in the playoffs are good, so I am not particularly looking forward to any one team in particular. Whichever team faces us, we will do our best in our own playstyle.

Chovy, what are your thoughts on the finals stage?

Chovy: I also won’t concern myself over which team we face. I would rather concern over our own performance.


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