Griffin Sword: “I’ll keep my neck clean, so let any top-laner come and chop my neck down…I’ll be waiting.”

Image Source: SPOTV

When will the Griffin hype train slow down? It was certainly not 26th of June as the fresh-out-of-the-Challenger took an upset victory over Kingzone DragonX. The team of rookies took the two-time LCK Champions down in a 2:0 victory. Griffin continues their 22-game winning streak and looks to face KT Rolster for their next match.

After the match, SPOTV interviewed the two MVPs of the match, Chovy and Sword.

Congratulations on your win today! Especially against none other than Kingzone DragonX. Did you feel a bit of pressure coming into today’s match?

Chovy: I felt a lot of pressure today. I didn’t want us to lose because of any mistakes I’ve made. Kingzone is a team that you can lose to if you make even just one mistake.

Chovy: I think my Irelia went really well today. Zoe is unable to solo-kill Irelia. So it was an easy game for me.

Sword; you’re known to be really close to Khan, so we know you banter with your Khan. At the beginning of Summer Split, you mentioned you are looking forward to going against Khan.

Sword: Khan is very strong in lane, and he is after all the most prestigious top laner in LCK. I wanted to test my limits, go against Khan and Kingzone DragonX that Khan plays in as soon as possible. I’m glad that today’s match against Khan worked out well.

How would you rate your performance today?

Sword: I’ll rate myself 6/10, my skillshots weren’t perfect. Khan’s a really good player and in the lane phase, I was a little behind Khan. But League is a team game…I had a good synergy with my jungler, Tarzan played really well, so we won the overall game.

Image Source: SPOTV

There is a lot of talk about Griffin’s teamfights and shotcalling. Members escaping teamfights with a narrow bar of health.

Chovy: I think that was an improvised shotcall.

Does Lehends usually lead the shotcall?

Chovy: My teammates were telling me that I could live, that they would save me. Lehends kept telling me. “You can survive this, you can survive this, I’ll distract ’em”

In the short time, you’ve spent in LCK you’ve been growing exponentially as a player, Chovy.

Chovy: I think I am gaining a momentum. I think I’m getting a passive buff from being a rookie and the youngest player in LCK.

In Game 2, you had an amazing teamfight against Kingzone near the enemy’s red buff. Every teammate was rotating aggro, and in the end, all 5 Griffin players escaped the teamfight with slim health. Do you remember that moment?

Sword: I remember that moment. I used all my skills yet I walked out of the teamfight alive. I was pretty happy with that.

Sword: We’re the “Griffin of Teamfights” after all, huh? We just executed that one really well. Switched between offence and defence seamlessly.

But what kind of shotcalling led such a teamfight?

Sword: No shotcalls, everything is happening too fast in a teamfight. Every teammate has a good eye for reading the situation, and individually know whether the situation is momentary favorable or not.

Sword: We don’t really need to speak to know each other, even in practices. That’s what our coach strives for; a team that doesn’t speak. A team that almost communicates in telepathy, where teammates know each other’s minds even without speaking.

You guys will be facing KT Rolsters next. Sword, you’ve been toppling big names in LCK one by one. When we speak of big names at top-lane, Smeb is a name that we always have to mention. What are your expectations as you look to lane against Smeb?

Sword: Just like Khan, I’m looking forward to going against Smeb. And…Recently, Khan trash-talked me saying that I should wash my neck and wait.

Sword: Before I came to the match today, I washed my neck three times. However, nothing happened, which was pretty frustrating. I’ll keep my neck clean, so let any top-laner come and chop my neck down.

Sword: When someone chops my neck down, then that will be my limit. However, I don’t know where my limit is just yet. So I’ll keep my neck clean, so let them come and chop it. I’ll look forward to it.



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