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Griffin Tarzan on the merits of a jungler: “Be good at ganking. Be good at farming.”

On 18th of August, 2018, Griffin came one step closer to becoming the first Royal Roader in LCK. Griffin defeated Afreeca Freecs in a close 3-2 series and qualified to the finals for the Summer Split of League of Legends Championships Finals.

After the match and the exhilarating victory, Korizon interviewed Tarzan where he shared his joy at qualifying for the LCK finals, his determination for facing KT Rolster in Incheon, and gave an ultimate Korean Advice for all the junglers around the world/

First of all, congratulations on qualifying for the LCK finals.

Tarzan: (The Griffin players) screamed too much in the booth (When we won the last match), so now the exhilaration has died down. But I’m very happy at the moment.

I was just going to say that after Game 5, I saw Viper and Lehends hugging each other on the camera.

Tarzan: When (Game 5) ended, it all hit home, and we had a “Wow, we’ve managed to win this” moment. I had a bit of an acclamation moment myself.

Viper, Lehends and cvMax share a moment of celebration after Griffin win against Afreeca Freecs in a close 3-2 series. Source: OGN/Twitch

Today’s match against Afreeca Freecs was not only a decider for the LCK finals, but also was Griffin’s first best-of-5 match in LCK. It would have been very stressful preparing towards today’s match.

Tarzan: There was a lot to prepare for as it was a best-of-5. So we all put in huge efforts in; the coaching staff, the management, the players of course.

You seemed to have prepared the Olaf pick in particular. Griffin prioritized Olaf highly during picks and bans, and you also had very good performance on Olaf today.

Tarzan: We didn’t want to give Olaf (to Afreeca). Also, we picked Olaf to suppress Taliyah pick in advance. Also, Olaf has been buffed recently…I think Olaf is an all-around good champion in the jungle, yet with a potential to carry the game.

Everyone’s complementing on Griffin’s teamwork. Griffin is dubbed “The Teamfight Team”; a team that can turn any game around with amazing teamfights.

Tarzan: Even if teamfights are good, if the laning phase was not good it’s difficult to take advantages in the smaller skirmishes early-mid game. So it’s just as important to do well in lanes or small skirmishes. We as a team don’t actually like teamfights.

That’s a different take from what people perceive of Griffin.

Tarzan: If we have to “turn the game around” with teamfights, the premise is that we are already doing badly in that game at that point. That’s immensely stressful for the team. So we try to perform just as well in lanes and early-game skirmishes.

You are a jungler, Tarzan. The common perception is that jungle is the position where experience in the game makes the greatest difference. It’s perceived as a position where  Tarzan, you, however, has been a top-tier jungler in LCK despite your young age and experience.

Tarzan: It’s impossible to know every possible outcome out the situation. However, I think I’m good at predicting different outcomes. Where the opponent jungler will be at a given time, or what he will do. Holding all the variables in my head.

Tarzan: I think I’m good at playing with the best case scenario in mind, even among my team. Think what the opposing team would do. I’d say that’s my greatest strength (as a jungler).

What are the merits of a good jungler, Tarzan?

Tarzan: Be good at ganking. Be good at farming.

And if you do these two things, you can become a good jungler.

Tarzan: Yep.

Now you have a 3-week break before the LCK Finals against KT Rolster. 

Tarzan: Finals will be even more difficult than today’s match. I think we have to put in more effort than ever. In terms of the direction in which we play the game. In terms of our lane phase. I’ll work to the best of my abilities, so it may not be a regretful match.

What are the difficulties you are predicting for the finals against KT Rolster?

Tarzan: KT Rolster is a no.1 team in LCK. They have also beaten us.

Tarzan: KT doesn’t have a lot of openings as a team. I tend to find the opponent team’s opening and exploit them. With KT, it’s difficult for me (as a jungler) to find these openings for KT.

Tarzan: We had our own downfalls the last two times we played KT Rolster. We’ll work in the coming 3-weeks to fill these holes.

The next match has a lot at stake. If you win it, you’ll both win LCK and qualify for Worlds at the same time. What is personally more meaningful for you? Winning LCK or qualifying for Worlds?

Tarzan: Qualifying for Worlds. It’s an international stage, so I would like to experience what it’s like. There would be a lot to learn from Worlds.

Not satisfied with Korea?

Tarzan: It’s not like that! But…I’m just trying to remember to see further into the horizon.

Is there any international team that you’d like to play against?

Tarzan: I’m not sure. They’re all teams that we will have to go against. (RNG? IG?) Not sure if I can pick a team. I’ll have to play against them to find out.

Any final words before we head into the LCK finals?

Tarzan: In the next 3 weeks, we’ll be putting immense effort in as a team to prepare for the finals. Even more than now. I’ll give my absolute best so I may not have a regret on the day, and show good performance.




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