Griffin Viper: “Do you have to play marksmen at bot-lane? I’m confident on marksman champions, as well as other champions (such as mages)”

Image Source: SPOTV/Twitch

What an amazing match that was! How does it feel to have won today’s match, Viper?

Viper: It was a difficult match, but I’m glad to have come out victorious.

Your performance was really good today, Lehends! You won the MVP for Game 1 today could have taken MVP for both games today.

Lehends: I’m still not satisfied with my performance today. However, I do think we’ve pulled off today’s match with everyone’s teamwork.

Let’s talk about Game 1 and the Kai’Sa funnel comp. Hanwha Life Esports also has also pulled out this comp before. However, your game against SKT unfolded in a slightly different fashion. You almost looked a little unfocused at the earlier phase of the game.

Viper: I’ve not practised on Kai’Sa since LCK promotions (Before Summer Split). If I had played my Kai’Sa better, I think we could have closed the game faster. I think I’ve let down my teammates even though they trusted me to play Kai’Sa.

Lehends: We made a few mistakes in the early game, but we continued to tell each other – “We just need one good team fight.” That if we play at our pace without making any mistakes, we’ll eventually turn the game around.

Tarzan mentioned that his role-model is Bengi, while Rather and Chovy also said their role-model is Faker. Yet today you have faced SKT T1 not as a role-model but as a competitor in an equal position.

Viper: Today was a bit of a hurdle for us. It was a match we had to win in order to continue our momentum (of Griffin’s win streak)

Viper, you turned Game 1 around completed at that teamfight at top inhibitor. You dived into the enemy lines and eventually won the teamfight for Griffin. Was there a specific shotcall for this?

Viper: No, but our team’s draft was one where Kai’Sa was tasked with making a difference, so I thought I had to do my part.

Lehends: We played that one almost instinctively; no one specific shotcall.

Viper, in Game 1 you were seen building everything from Guardian Angel to Quicksilver to Zhonya. You really built for survivability.

Viper: Kai’Sa is a type of champion that can unleash a huge amount of damage as long as she survives. My teammates were doing well and Mundo especially was very fed, so I thought that I did not necessarily have to go for a standard build. I thought I’d focus on survivability.


A Griffin holds up a hand-drawn sign. Image Source: SPOTV/Twitch

There was a lot of talk about the Yi-Taric comp you played in Game 2. Can you tell us more about that draft?

Lehends: Every team will have a different opinion about Yi-Taric…Me, personally, I think that funnel comps like Braum-Kai’Sa or Yi-Taric can be good, as long as the team doesn’t make any mistakes.

Viper, ADC players are in such a conflicting position at the moment, and everyone seems to have a different opinion on what role ADCs should play. Ruler, for example, is seen favoring marksman champions despite the meta.

Viper: I did watch Ruler’s games, too, and…Do you have to play marksmen at bot-lane? I’m confident on marksman champions, as well as other champions (such as mage champions)

Viper, you are being referred as a “post-Faker” in online communities. Your plays are memorable, and you are talented in multiple aspects of League of Legends.

Viper: It’s such an honor…And I think I’ve benefited from the meta. The ADC role traditionally is a little static, but this meta has made me shine. I feel lucky (to be playing in 8.11 meta).

So you rather this meta continue?

Viper: The longer this meta lasts, the better for me.


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