In 2 days, either Damwon Gaming or Team BattleComics will qualify for 2019 LCK

In 3 days, LCK will welcome a new face to its list of 10 participating teams. Both Damwon Gaming and Team BattleComics -Challengers Korea teams who have never had experience in LCK before – have qualified for the Winner’s Round of LCK Promotions. The winner of that match will be promoted to 2019 LCK Spring Split.

Considered a relative underdog even in Challenger Korea, Team BattleComics came in as the underdogs of the match. There was no fan-chant at the beginning of the match as Team BattleComics went against MVP. However, they surprised the crowd and the audience when they quickly beat MVP on a 2-0 match score. Dove, mid-laner for BtC and the unofficial MVP of the day, carried the game on Azir in Game 1 and Aatrox in Game 2.

BtC Joker, in the post-match interview, told SPOTV “We’ve been considered as the weak team even in Challengers Korea. We came here to show the world that we’re not so.”

Next, Damwon Gaming played against BBQ Olivers. Damwon Gaming came out of Challenger Korea 13-1, front-lined by their two star players Nuguri and ShowMaker.

BBQ Olivers did not go down without a fight. BBQ went toe-to-toe against Damwon gaming in Game 1, leading in gold for the majority of the game. However, Damwon managed to steal a game away in a moment of genius after a teamfight contesting an Elder Dragon. A part of the Damwon’s squad chased the BBQ players and prevented them from recalling after the teamfight, while the rest of the players ran to the BBQ Nexus, taking it down. BBQ Olivers gave Damwon another difficult game in Game 2, but Damwon still finished the game in a victory led by Nuguri’s Gangplank and ShowMaker’s LeBlanc, finishing the match on a 2-0 sweep.

In 2 days, Damwon Gaming and Team BattleComics will go head-to-head in a best-of-5 Winner’s Match in Nexon Arena. The winning team from that match will qualify to LCK 2019 Spring Split, while the losing team will have another chance to qualify for LCK in the Final Match on Saturday.


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