Khan on having improved on tank champions: “People are mistaken. It’s not that I used to be bad at tanks, it’s that I wouldn’t play tanks. (Audience jeers) Even if I had picked tanks in the past, I’d have played as well as I have today. (Audience laughs)

Image Source: SPOTV/Twitch

Kingzone Dragons continued their winning streak in their victory against KT Rolsters. In Game 1, Kingzone pressured KT with a snowball led by Bdd’s Aurelian Sol and took the game away. In Game 2, Kingzone played Master Yi-Taric combo and dominated KT with the Yi-Taric combo as well as Smeb’s performance on Dr. Mundo.

After the match, SPOTV interviewed the two Kingzone MVPs, Bdd and Khan.

Congratulations on the win, both of you!

Until today’s victory, Kingzone looked a little shaky even in victory. Today seemed to be different. How did you feel about today’s match, Khan?

Khan: We’ve made less mistakes in today’s match. I’m much more satisfied with today’s performance.

Bdd: Recently, we haven’t been doing our best; but in the recent practices I’ve been having a really good feeling.

Bdd, you are usually an aggressive mid-laner; however, the recent meta sometimes requires the mid-laner to play a passive champion. MVP’s Ian even said, “I didn’t become a mid-laner for this”. How are you feeling about the meta, Bdd.

Bdd: Today I played Taric, and it is at least satisfying to see your Master Yi get fed chop everyone to pieces. Braum, meanwhile, isn’t even fun to play in. (Laughs)

Khan, you also had a good game on Aatrox but your performance in Mundo was phenomenal. You’re becoming a full-rounded, playing tanks as well as carries.

Khan: People are mistaken here. It’s not that I’m not good at tanks, it’s that I’ve never picked tanks. (Audience boos) Even in the past, if I did pick tanks I’d have done as well as today. (Audience laughs)

Bdd, in the last match (Against Gen.G) you’ve suffered a little laning against Aurelian Sol; today you played Aurelian Sol and carried. How was the mid lane for you?

Bdd: I could tell the opponent team’s mid-laner (Ucal) was a little nervous by the way he played, so I tried to be even more aggressive than the usual. I’ve managed to dodge skills well and make some highlight skits, so I’m happy about that.

Bdd, once you were also a rookie, and you used to be nervous in matches; now you’ve matured, and even your facial expression is completely different. 

Bdd: Now I’ve become a seasoned, and new players are keep coming into LCK. I can see new players coming to matches nervous and it’s time to play it to my strength.

Who’s a rookie that stands out to you? Someone who could become a No.2 Bdd?

Bdd: Ucal, he plays with a maturity that you don’t really see in rookies…I don’t know about other rookies, to be honest.

How about you, Khan? 

Khan: Kiin (of Afreeca Freecs), I think he plays really well. Sword of Griffin plays Mundo extremely well, I’ve even asked him for some advice on how to play Mundo.

Khan: I do re-watch all LCK games. I’ve watched Sword’s performance on Mundo from beginning to end. I’ll always have my aggressive playstyle, it carries over even when I’m playing a tank champion. I was able to review own aggressivenessess by watching Sword play and learning from it.

In Game 1, you killed Smeb twice.

Khan: In the lane phase, Peanut told me to wait in the bush and that he’ll come and gank (As a Nocturne). It was Peanut’s call, and it was a miraculous that he saw that opening for a gank. “Wang-ho, that was amazing!” I kept praising Peanut for the rest of the game.

Khan: It wasn’t on me, it was the jungler shotcalling and setting the kill up; as the top-laner, I didn’t do anything but just take the kill in the end. So that it felt good.

You’ve changed, Khan.

Khan: Just saying it like it is. And the other good moments, they were all me.


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