Khan on the state of the top lane: “When the Banner was strong, the word of the street was that a bannered up minion is stronger than a top-laner.”

Kingzone DragonX, the Spring Split LCK champions, took away their first win in Summer Split. In Game 1 against Jin Air Greenwings, Kingzone attempted to shake things up by playing Braum mid and Graves jungle but crumbled when they could not fully take the advantage of their off-meta pick and the early power spike Graves. For Game 2 and 3, Kingzone went back to the traditional EU composition and was able to reverse-sweep the match.

After their victory over Jin Air Greenwings OGN, the two MVPs of Kingzone DragonX, Khan and Peanut.

Congratulations on your reverse sweep win! How do you feel at the moment?

Khan: I was feeling so much pressure after our lose in Game 1. But we thankfully won Game 2 and Game 3, taking some load off my heart.

Peanut: We wasn’t even in a position to analyze how well the opponent team did in Game 1; we lost Game 1 because of our mistakes, and we had to fix that first.

Peanut, you also have some tough schedules (Peanut is representing Korea in Asian Games). Some fans were worried that you won’t make appearances in matches as there’s always time required to practice with the team and scrim. But you showed ’em by subbing in today and carrying Game 2 and 3.

Peanut: I guess they subbed me in to switch things up. It’s true that I’ve been lacking practice due to playing in Asian Games, but I went in while the team is losing and I didn’t feel too much pressure.

It would have been a shock for you to come back from Asian Games and see all this change in the meta.

Peanut: Even when I was in Asian Games, people were telling me about the scrims, the meta, how it’s a bit of…a mess. I would have hoped that the upset in the meta would have died down by the time I’m back from Asian Games.

Khan, how about you? A lot of top laners are complaining that they feel more isolated than ever in this meta.

Khan: I think things have gotten better ever since Banner of Command got nerfed. When Banner was overpowered, the word of the street was that “A bannered minion is stronger than a top-laner.” However ever since Banner went through a series of nerfs, aggressive, carry top champions like Aatrox and Darius are again viable. The top laner can exert influence to the rest of the map.

You both carried in Mundo in Game 2, and countered Mundo with Darius in Game 3.

Khan: I’d say that we both countered the opponents’ pick well on Game 2 and Game 3. Countered Mundo well with Darius, and Ornn with Mundo.

Peanut, many fans would have felt curious about the choice to play Taliyah in mid-lane. Seonghwan mentioned that it’s currently very difficult to practice in Taliyah because she’s always permabanned.

Peanut: It’s true that it’s currently difficult to get any practice in Taliyah, but it’s not like her skills have changed. In Solo Q, I often try out positions other than jungle, so I do have experience playing on her.

Then could you give us more detail about the choice to play Nocturne in the jungle? It looked like a very last minute decision.

Peanut: That is true. Nocturne was a last-second lock for us. We were debating what would be the best pick, and I raised my hand saying that I wanted to play Nocturne. I’m happy to have won on Nocturne.

Many people expressed concern for Kingzone this Summer; you guys will have a tight schedule (Between Asian Games, Rift Rivals and LCK) and it will be a test of endurance. How do you feel? Can you 

Khan: Just like the last Spring and this Summer, our goal continues to be the LCK cup; we will endeavor to make that goal a reality. Thank you.

Peanut: Khan says that he wants to win LCK, so I feel like I should also say that I’d like to win LCK (Laughs) I would love to win Summer Split. Also, instead of stopping there, I’d like to do well at this year’s Worlds, too.



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