Kingzone DragonX is recruiting for new players in all positions

Kingzone DragonX is recruiting new players for all five positions, the Korean League of Legends team announced in their official Twitter account.

According to the announcement, Kingzone DragonX is recruiting “passionate new players” that have “No history of violation of professional gamer requirements, such as boosting or use of hacks in-game”. Kingzone DragonX is looking for new members in “All lanes, including mid, ADC and support”.

Longzhu Gaming’s roster for LCK 2017 Summer Split finals. Source: OGN

Kingzone DragonX looking for additional players in every position is not a new change for the LCK team. In the team previous iteration as Longzhu Gaming, the team had substitute player in every position except jungle; Zzus as a substitute for GorillA on support, Justice as a substitute for Bdd on mid and Lucy sharing the ADC position with PraY. When Longzhu Gaming restructured as Kingzone DragonX, Zzus, Justice and Lucy left the team while Peanut joined to share the jungle position with Cuzz.



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