Peanut: Yesterday I had a call with kkOma, who said: “We’ll meet in the finals.”

You’ve defeated KSV in 2:1; this is a record for your team, as the team enters a 9-match winning streak. How do you feel at the moment?

GorillA: I didn’t think that it would be an easy win for us, so I’m happy that we won. It was the last match of the regular season of the spring split, so I’m glad that we’ve finished the split in a high note.

And Peanut – Was there any element of revenge in your performance today?

Peanut: I personally performed really bad in the Split opening match against, so I have always been waiting to make up for it. I’m glad that we’ve won this series.

There are a lot of praises about your performance in the jungle. You’re “The Great Jungle” now! You’re crushing every game, especially when you have drafted Olaf.

Peanut: I guess I’m lucky. I give thanks to my teammates, the coach, the coaching staff and the fans who’ve been cheering us so far.

And Bdd, you’re now on 1,100 MVP points. You’ll at least be the tied first place in LCK Spring Split MVP race!

Bdd: I hope the MVP race doesn’t become a tied first place…(Laughs) I can now watch the rest of the games and the remaining MVP race at the comfort of my home, will really enjoy watching the rest of the matches.

Who do you think contributed the most in Kingzone’s No.1 run?

Bdd: I have to give credit to all my teammates – But if I had to, I’ll choose Peanut-hyung.

PraY, you are the face of League of Legends, you are the face of eSports! Would you say today was an important match because you were able to revenge against KSV? Also, would you say that it was meaningful as it increased SKT, whom many of the team members are fans of?

PraY: Today’s match did not change our standings in the Playoffs as we are already guaranteed a spot in the final. However, I was also happy about today’s victory. I would not lie if there was not an element of revenge on today’s match. And also it was helping out SKT. Peanut can’t seem to hide his facial expression, but he was pretty determined for this win today to help out his former team.

Ashe is not a common pick in LCK. You, however, are often seen picking Ashe.

PraY: She’s a great champion. She’s very difficult for someone to go against, and she’s highly versatile. Ashe is a personal favourite champion of mine. Still, I was surprised that it was able to force an Ashe ban out of KSV today.

Khan, you’ve shown us some amazing drifting skills with your Sion today. It almost seemed like you were styling even when Sion ult was maybe not necessary.

Khan: As a professional player, we’re always a bit hungry to show good plays to the audience. So I guess I showed off with drifts on Sion a little today.

Khan, what team do you believe Kingzone will go against in LCK Spring Split Finals?

Khan: Oh dear, this is a loaded question. If I give a wrong answer…

You can pass the question to someone else in your team.

Khan: In that case, I’d like to pass this question onto Peanut.

Peanut: Oh…Of course, it will be SKT T1. They are my previous team. Yesterday I had a call with kkOma, who said: “We’ll meet in the finals.” So I’ll be looking forward to facing SKT in the finals.

As the collective team, do you have any final words for your fans!

GorillA: Through hard work, we’ve continued to show good performance. Please continue supporting us and we’ll see you in Busan


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