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Smeb on going against Old ROX members: “They are human beings that I really like…I’m looking forward to it, it will be very fun”

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Smeb is coming for his Old ROX Tiger members. After KT Rolster’s 3-1 win against SK Telecom 1, KT Rolster is now set to go against Afreeca Freecs in semi-finals; and if they win the match, Kingzone DragonX in finals.

We spoke with Smeb about his personal highlights on his match against SKT, his new responsibilities as a team captain and how it impacts him in-game.

Game 1 would have been frustrating for you. It looked like a close game until KT Rolster lost one teamfight; then the entire game completely snowballed into SK Telecom 1’s favor. What kind of feedback did you have as a team after Game 1?

We didn’t have any specific feedback about the loss itself. We did some internal feedback about the teamfight, on whether we could have directed that teamfight in a way we have intended.

In Game 1, you played Gnar. There was a moment where you attempted to teleport away from a teamfight, only for Tristina’s auto to chase for you across the map and for you to die.

After I successfully teleported out of the teamfight, I thought that I had lived. I didn’t even consider Tristina’s auto, I was only keeping my eye at Tristina’s E flickering on top of my head. Then E popped, and I wasn’t dead! For a second I thought I’ve made it alive, then Tristina’s auto caught up with me, and I was dead. I was pretty gutted about that.

Despite the loss, KT Rolster came back stronger and took away three games in a row. We were especially impressed by your plays as a Camille. In Game 4, when you were being dived 2v1 on top lane, you managed to outplay the situation and take a kill.

Ucal was originally supposed to teleport to top lane for me. But when it looked like the opponents wouldn’t be diving he canceled his teleport. So I went back into the tower…To be honest it was a dangerous play. But it turned out to be ok, and I was glad to take at least one person with me (To the grave).

This year, you’ve become the team captain of KT Rolster. How are you finding it so far? Do you feel responsible for taking care of your KT Rolster teammates?

I do – but I’m not sure whether I’m doing a good job at it. I don’t know that much. The previous team captain, Score, gives me a lot of help. Even though officially I’m the coach, I guess we are both taking care of the team.

How has being a team captain affected your playstyle?

I have a very aggressive playstyle. As a player I used to prefer risky plays – Actually, I still personally prefer them. However, I’ve been realizing that I need to show a bit more reliability if I’m to be a team captain. I think this realization has been reflecting on my more recent plays.

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Smeb, again congrats on advancing to semi-finals. You’re now looking to face your Old ROX teammates; Kuro at Afreeca Freecs, and possibly Peanut, PraY and GorillA at Kingzone DragonX in the finals. How do you feel about this?

Most of all, I think it’ll be super fun. All Old ROX players have placed high in LCK this split, and I was reminded of how great a player all of them are. They are human beings that I really like. I’m looking forward to it and I think it will be very fun.

Any words for Kuro, for whom you’ll be going against on Sunday?

At Spring Split Round 1, we lost against Afreeca Freecs. I haven’t been able to Kuro-hyung after that (Laughs) I’ve not lost often against Afreeca Freecs, but that one time…Well, then we managed to defeat them in Round 2, so I guess the tides have turned. I’ll be going into the next match more confidently.


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