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KT Rush: “I thought that if I was too scared to pick Lee Sin now, I’ll never have the courage again.”

The final match in LCK Spring Split 2018 was a preview of Playoffs as KT Rolsters went against Afreeca Freecs. Fans were especially excited to see that Rush, the “Kind Boy” with a cult following, finally made his debut in KT Rolster. The debut match was successful as KT Rolsters took a convincing 2:0 victory against Afreeca Freecs, with a perfect Game 2. After the match, SPOTV interviewed the double MVP of the match, Ucal, as well as Smeb and Rush.

Ucal is awarded his first MVP as a professional player. Source: SPOTV

Ucal, you’ve begun to start as a mid-laner for KT Rolster in a very important period. Would you say that this is a bit of a pressure to you?

I don’t think it’s giving me a pressure. I just want to do well so I can continue to start in Playoffs and even in Summer Split, so I’d say it’s all building experiences.

Can you explain to your fans what your nickname, Ucal, means?

My nickname was Woogal during my high school days. I was trying to make this into a proper nickname and was playing around with different pronunciations and spellings. I Googled Ucal, and found that it had the meaning “I am Mighty”. So I decided to go with that.

Some people thought that it meant Eucalyptus, or was a short name for Ukgaejang Kalgooksu (Spicy Beef Soup Noodle)

Ucal: There is a reference to Ukgaejang Kalgooksu, too, yeah.

And you showed some amazing performance in Game 2, solo-killing Karma.

Rush makes his debut in KT Rolster and LCK, after a long hiatus as a professional gamer. Source: SPOTV

Ucal: I channelled the energy of Pawn-hyung. For a year as a trainee, I did the dishes for Pawn-hyung. I think I’ve managed to finally channel his energy, get his help.

We’d like to also invite Smeb and Rush to stage. People may not know about you, Rush. Rush, could you introduce yourself to the fans?

Rush: Hi. I’m Lee Yoon-jae, Rush. I originally played for NA, and…I’m sorry. I’m a bit paralyzed here.

Could Smeb help out Rush, maybe?

Smeb: Try say out loud what you want to speak about. Maybe “I’m Rush”

Rush: I’m Rush. Thank you.

In Game 2, you styled on Lee Sin, a surprise pick that seemed to be answering your NA fans.  

Rush: I didn’t do very well in Game 1. In Game 2, all tier 1 jungle champions were already banned, and I had to choose among tier 2 jungle champions. There was an opening for Lee Sin, and I thought that if I was too scared to pick Lee Sin now, I’ll never have the courage. so I locked in Lee Sin, to change things a bit from Game 1.

Smeb: We never practised as a team with Lee Sin before. But Rush was so confident during pick & ban about Lee Sin, that we all rallied behind him.

Smeb, when Game 1 started you were seen tapping Rush’s shoulders. What was that about?

Smeb: I’ve been duo-ing with Rush-hyung a lot in Korean Solo Q. If I pick Camille and Rush picks Sejuani we never seem to lose that game. I suddenly remembered this and turned to Rush, telling him “Let’s do well”.

Rush, anything you did well or did not do well on your debut day?

Rush: Something I did well: I’m proud that even though I didn’t do well in Game 1, I managed to turn it back and show performance that I can be happy with in Game 2. Something I didn’t do well: I’m usually good with prediction shots as I try to read the opponent’s mind. However, players in LCK are in a different league and I was getting outplayed. It’s something I want to improve for the next game.

KT Rolsters as a team showed a dominating performance today, something that we’d expect from KT Rolsters. Any last words for the fans that would have been looking forward to KT Rolsters performing so well?

Smeb: I hope the other teams fear us a little more after today’s match. We’ll work hard towards the Playoffs so we finish the season well.

Ucal: I’m yet to beat Kingzone DragonX Bdd. I’d like to reach the Finals and beat Bdd once and for all.

Rush: I haven’t shown half of what I’m capable of in today’s games. I’ll do my best to improve and show a better performance in future matches.


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