KT Smeb on his Jayce performance: “To be honest I thought that it wasn’t a solo kill opportunity, but Bdd called “Get him!”, so I did.”

Score, the jungler of KT Rolster. Image source: Riot Games

KT Rolster finally began their redemption arc on the 8th of March, by defeating Gen.G with a 2-1 match score. Despite being defeated by Gen.G in game one led by Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk’s Tristana and Lee “CuVee” Seong-jin’s Gnar, KT came back strong, stealing away game two and game three. At the center of this victory were Song “Smeb” Kyung-ho and Go “Score” Dong-bin, the two veterans of KT, who were awarded MVP for game two and three respectively.

Riot Korea interviewed Score and Smeb following the match.

You must be full of emotions after today’s match. How do you feel?

Smeb: It’s been a while since we won a match, and also quite some time since I won an MVP award. I’m shaking a little bit.

I’ve wanted to ask you this for a while – Score you’ve had surgery for tympanitis. Are you okay now?

Score: Yes, I’m almost fully recovered and it will not affect my performance anymore.

You have rested for two weeks. Is today’s composition one you’ve been preparing during that time?

Score: Our head coach anticipated that mid lane champions would be targeted in bans, so yes, this is a composition that we have been practicing.

CuVee played Gnar three games in a row. How was playing against it?

Smeb: I was aware that CuVee was playing a lot of Gnar in solo queue, so I knew that he might pick it. I wasn’t expecting him to play all three games with Gnar though.

Score seemed to assist you in top lane really often today.

Smeb: Yes, Score babysat me really well so I played with a bit of comfort.

During game two, whose idea was it to ward the tri-bush and ambush Gnar?

Score: uhhh….. I’m not sure who it was. I don’t really remember.

Upon reviewing the game, it has been found that Score himself warded the tri-bush. Image Source: Riot

Can you explain the last teamfight of game two for us?

Score: I haven’t played a match in a while, so I got a bit nervous and died early in that fight. I thought we were going to lose after that, but my teammates did their part superbly and won the fight.

Smeb: Actually, Score took a lot of enemy aggro for us, leaving me in free position to deal damage. He opened the opportunity for me to comfortably do my job.

Which moment was most memorable from today’s match?

Smeb: I remember solo killing Gnar while split pushing. I knew that he was going to come, and that my teammates already burned his flash for me. To be honest, I didn’t think it was a solo kill opportunity, but Bdd called “Get him!”, so I did.

In set three, you made two top ganks early in the game. Did you think it was vital to empower Smeb?

Score: Yes, but to be honest when I used body slam I thought I might die so I freaked out.

So you were a little bit scared inside?

Score: No. I wasn’t just scared inside, I was scared inside out.

Do you have a message for the fans?

Score: It’s been a long time since I’ve played a match and had an interview, but the fans that are always there for me made who I am today. I will work hard to display better performances.

Smeb: There are many fans that are worrying because of our poor results in round one, but we’ll make sure we climb up to where we belong in round two

What are your resolutions for your next match against Afreeca Freecs?

Smeb: We didn’t play at the level that we wanted to in game one. We’ll prepare thoroughly so that we can duplicate our performances in games two and three against Gen.G too….oh my bad. Against Afreeca.

Score: Not just because I’m the oldest member of the team, but because we’ve been so disappointing in round one I want to show better performances in round two. Even today, we weren’t perfect, but we’ll work on that and make sure we do better in the upcoming games.


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