kt Ucal on going against Faker: “kt Rolster hyungs support me in my calls in mid lane…I was able to play confidently”

On the 4th of April, kt Rolster defeated SKT T1 3-1, advancing to the semi-finals of LCK Spring Playoffs.

KT had a shaky start by giving up a game to SKT in Game 1. However, KT took the tide around by subbing in the main jungler Score, taking away three consecutive games and ending the match in a convincing 3-1 victory. At the center of this victory was Ucal – LCK rookie, 18 years old prodigy – who played toe-to-toe against Faker and took dominance in the lane and the game.

Hello Ucal! Congrats on your win today, against SKT T1 and in such a large stage.

Thank you!

You went toe to toe with the great mid-laner Faker himself. How does it feel to win against Faker and SKT, and in Playoffs?

For a very long time, my goal has been to beat SKT and win LCK or at least go to the finals. So I did not feel too much pressure. It was fun to play, and I played well.

Would you say that you’ve won “by referee’s decision” against Faker today?

I’d like to think that I have won (Against Faker). I think I’ve synergized better with my team.

You are a rookie starting out this split, but you seemed to play fearlessly and confidently. Can you tell us more about this?

As I’ve mentioned, the goal always has been to win LCK. So I thought to myself that I shouldn’t sweat such early into the Playoffs. I did not let myself be intimidated.

My teammates, my team’s hyungs (Older brothers) support me in my calls in mid-lane, so I was able to play confidently.

Your performance on Swain was especially impressive. SKT ganked the mid lane a few times, but you were seen not only surviving the ganks but sometimes taking Blank down while you are at it.

Score and I had really great teamwork today. We were able to catch out and punish even the smallest mistakes of the enemy team. I think this made us played as well as we did.

You’re known as Taliyah jang-in (A player with mastery on a certain champion). You’ve made some amazing performance on Taliyah today. How would you rate your performance on Taliyah out of 10?

I’d give myself 10/10. I was satisfied with my plays, I was able to show everything that I possibly wanted on Taliyah.

Your Weaver’s Walls were especially impressive. You were seen utilizing it in a variety of ways, from protecting objectives to ganking lanes. As a Taliyah jang-in, could you please give a tip to Taliya players out there?

When you play Taliyah, don’t use R to initiate or force a play. Rather, use R in order to respond to the enemy’s play and to prevent it, turn it back.

Ucal, you’re born in 2001! If that is correct?


You’re one of the youngest players in LCK, while kt Rolster has many older teammates such as Score and Rush. Do other older teammates take a good care of you?

They take a good care of me. I bring down the average age of kt Rolster, so I am a little pampered.

Any hyung you are particularly close to?

Deft…? But all hyungs are kinda same for me.

You’re going against Afreeca Freecs and Kingzone DragonX next. So to all the global fans who’ve watched the Telecom War today, could you please say a word – In English?



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