Kuro on picking Yasuo: “I was hesitant to pick him, my heart was racing…I thought that well, I might as well as pick him and teach Smeb a lesson”

Photo Credit: SPOTV

Nexon arena erupted with cheers as Kuro locked in Yasuo for Game 4, in Afreeca Freecs’ semi-finals against KT Rolster. Picked as a counter for KT Ucal’s Taliya, Kuro’s Yasuo managed to take triple kill in the early game and assist Afreeca Freecs to victory and LCK Spring finals. Afreeca Freecs now advances to LCK Finals, as they look to challenge Kingzone DragonX for the title of LCK Spring Split Champion. 

After the match, SPOTV interviewed Kuro and the rest of Afreeca Freecs members to discuss his performance on Yasuo, pocket picks of Afreeca Freecs and their resolution as they look to challenge Kingzone DragonX.

SPOTV: After the game, we saw the coaching staff hug you, Kramer. You’ve been such a stable performer throughout this split. It must have been an unreal moment for you, to advance to the Finals!

Kramer: First time standing at such an important stage. I’m nervous out of my shoes.

SPOTV: They always say that “Tusin takes all the MVP!” He’s been hogging all the MVP points, but you managed to steal the MVP with your performance on Caitlyn on Game 4.

Kramer: I didn’t expect to take the MVP for Game 4! Morgana played the laning phase well and I was able to get fed. I’m grateful for this MVP.

SPOTV: Tusin, Rakan is a signature pick for you. You’re a symbol of stability, always showing good performance without mistake.

Tusin: I didn’t expect them to even open Rakan, I wasn’t even prepared for it! But when I saw it was available, I thought I’d go with my comfort pick.

SPOTV: Teams would often hesitate to ban both Rakan and Alistair just to shut you down – But you may have shown your opponent teams otherwise.

Tusin: It’s more like – By us picking the known Rakan and Alistair, our opponents should fear there are so many picks we haven’t shown yet.

SPOTV: You used to be very indifferent about getting MVP points. In the recent few matches, this seems to have changed.

Kramer: My teammates don’t let me be that way anymore. I’m always a competitive person but my team has allowed me to express this competitive spirit outwards.

SPOTV: Again, congratulations on finals. How do you feel about finally “making it”?

Kramer: I always wanted to go to the finals, the thought has always been in my head. And how does it feel? A little surreal.

Photo Credit: SPOTV

SPOTV: These two players won MVP today, but everyone in Afreeca Freecs did amazingly well. Let’s have a chat with other players in Afreeca Freecs!

Spirit: I’m regretful that I didn’t show a good performance at Game 1, but I’m glad that I have a good partner, Mowgli, who I could rely on to cover my back. Someday I’ll sub for you and win three games in a row!

Kiin: He always talked about going to finals, how the air is different up there. It’s always been a bit surreal but I’ll finally experience it. It’s always been a bit of a fantasy tale but it’s finally becoming a reality.

SPOTV: What do you feel about going against Khan of Kingzone DragonX.

Kiin: I’ll have to try my best. To have fun is my first and foremost goal; the second goal is to win it.

SPOTV: Thank you. And it’s time to talk about Yasuo! Kuro, you showed so much with Yasuo today. It was a fiery match indeed. Can you tell us more about the pick?

Kuro: I did try out Yasuo a little, but didn’t get too much practice on him before today’s match! I was so torn about picking him, but they requested that I pick him. I was so nervous about it, I asked the coach to hit my back a little to settle my heart. You might have seen it on the camera.

No, it wasn’t a prepared pick. We have so many hidden picks, this was just one of them. It was such an important match, I was hesitant to pick it, but the coaching staff requested it. I thought that well, I might as well as pick it and teach Kyung-ho (Smeb) a lesson, so I tried extra hard.

SPOTV: Mowgli, when you came to play Game 2 it would not have been an easy situation for the team.

Mowgli: When we lost Game 1 and the coach told us we had to turn this around, I resolved myself to become that saving sub. So I did, and I was satisfied with my play. This is my first time making it to the finals, and that day also happens to be my birthday. It’s going to be one hell of a stage, so I’d like to prepare to the fullest and take down Kingzone DragonX.






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