LCK Regional Qualifier schedule announced: SKT, Gen.G, Griffin and Kingzone fight for Worlds

2018 LCK Regional Qualifier schedule has been announced. SK Telecom T1, Gen.G, Griffin and Kingzone DragonX will fight off for the third and final seed at Worlds.

As KT Rolster has defeated Griffin at 2018 LCK Summer Split Finals, KT and Afreeca qualify for Worlds with KT on winning the Summer Split and Afreeca on points. The four remaining teams, SKT, Gen.G, Griffin and Kingzone must now go through the Regional Qualifier. The winning team will be awarded the third and final seed for 2018 World Championships and head directly to the Group Stages.

The schedule is as follows:

Round 1 of LCK Regional Qualifier will be Gen.G vs SKT, and will be held at 5PM KST. All matches will be held in Nexon Arena and broadcasted by SPOTV, with PapaSmithy and Valdes casting the English stream.


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