LCK Summer Playoffs Schedule Announced: OGN will produce their last LCK finals ever

KeSPA has announced the schedule for the LCK 2018 Playoffs, including the venue the date of the Summer Split Finals.

The LCK Playoffs will be held in a gauntlet style. The semi-finals will be held in 18th of August, and a three-week long break will be given presumably to allow the Korean League of Legends Asian Games representitives to attend 2018 Jakarta Asian Games. The finals will be held at 8th of September, Samsan Gymnasium, which has a capacity of 7,000 people.

OGN prepares to broadcast their last LCK match ever; an era gone for Korean esports

The Summer Split finals will also be a historic moment for the Korean eSports scene, as it will be the very last LCK Finals broadcasted by OGN. Riot Korea is set to take over the broadcast and production for LCK from 2019, based on the new LCK venue dubbed ‘LoL Park’ near City Hall.


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