Moojin explains how Flash Wolves countered Kingzone’s funnel comp – “Smite Talon is the answer…(Talon) can get fed without too much hand-holding”

Flash Wolves Moojin. Image Source: Garena eSports

Flash Wolves continued their undefeated run at Dalian Rift Rivals by toppling Kingzone DragonX, the Spring Champions of LCK. Kingzone attempted a funnel comp by picking Xayah for PraY with Peanut supporting Xayah with Braum. Flash Wolves countered this by giving Talon to their mid-laner, Maple and taking an early lead at the mid lane.

In the post-match interview, Flash Wolves’ jungler, Moojin, explained the odd choice of Talon with Smite and how the pick was engineered to counter Kingzone’s funnel comp.

Flash Wolves seems to be strong against Korean teams in particular. Why do you think that is the case?

We have a similar play style and the way of approaching League. So I believe that it’s easier to go toe-to-toe with a Korean team.

Your mid-laner, Maple, picked Talon against Kingzone and took Smite.

We can share the Razorbeak camp, which means I can farm and get fed faster, while the mid-laner can also get fed without too much hand-holding. Having two smites on the team also gives us an advantage in securing scuttle crabs and dragons at late game. Talon can get mana regen from buying jungle items, which is another advantage of taking Smite.

Would you say this pick was a deliberate counter to Kingzone’s Smite Xayah and Braum jungle – the “funnel comp”?

Yes. I think funnel comp is counter-able by a pick like Talon.

You have defeated Kingzone, the strongest team in LCK. If there is another big name team that you would like to take down, what would that team be?

All of them. (Laughs) One of the LPL teams, maybe Rogue Warriors? I’m close friends with Flawless of RW.


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