MVP Beyond changes nickname to Yondu, Korean fans react with Marvel Memes

Image Source: Marvel Cinematic Studios

MVP Beyond changes his nickname to Yondu, to avoid conflict with another League player

On 2nd of June, Team MVP announced on their official Facebook page that the team’s jungler Kim Kyu-seok, previously nicknamed “Beyond”, will be changing his name to “Yondu”.

안녕하세요, Team MVP 입니다.이번 LCK 섬머 스플릿을 앞두고 아주 작은 변화가 생겼는데요.오랫동안 정글러로서 뛰어난 활약을 해줬던 김규석 선수의 아이디가 바뀌게 되었습니다.타 지역 리그에서…

Team MVPさんの投稿 2018年6月2日(土)

In an interview with Inven, MVP Coach Kwon further explained Yondu’s reason for changing his nickname. “We got the idea from the nickname ‘Monk Yondu’ that the fans gave him after shaving his head.” Coach Kwon also confirmed the “Guardians of the Galaxy” reference. “It also has a meaning that hopefully, he can kill the opponent Jungler with just a whistle like the character in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.”

Korean fans go wild with Guardians of the Galaxy Memes

The reference to Yondu was not missed by the Korean fans. “Yondu Udonta, the True Father!” Fans commented. “He’ll have to stick a brick into his head now.” Another fan jokingly commented, “Maybe he’s been a fan of Guardians of the Galaxy, and the duplicate nickname is just an excuse?”

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Image Source: Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel Cinematic Studios

Fans also started predicting what kind of champions MVP Yondu will play, jokingly commenting that Yondu will now play Kindred; drawing a comparison between Marvel Yondo’s whistle-controlled weapon and Kindred’s remotely controlled Wolf. “You’ll have to practise your whistle now, Yondu!” fans told the MVP jungler. “If you pick Kindred in the Summer Split and carry in it, I’ll call you the true Meme Lord.”



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