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MVP Yondu and Ian speak on playing the Yi/Taric combo and discuss Yondu’s new nickname

MVP Ian and MVP Yondu. Image Source: SPOTV/Twitch

MVP opened up Summer Split with a fire. On Game 1, they surprised BBQ with a Solo Q special, Master Yi-Taric combo. On Game 2, they continued to make the most out of Patch 8.11 changes by carrying on mid-lane Irelia. After their victory against BBQ and their name chanted by the audience, MVP’s two MVPs, Yondu and Ian, were interviewed by SPOTV’s Caster Sung.

A big clap for the two MVP players, Ian and Yondu. Again, congratulations on today’s win!

When patch 8.11 came out, a lot of people were excited to see what MVP could pull out of their hat from the meta changes. There are so many debates about what 8.11 means and whether the changes it has brought are good; so how does it feel? To finally play in 8.11?

Yondu: It went as expected, and…I think that other teams that play after us will also show be coming with cards up their sleeves in Patch 8.11.

Ian, the crowd is chanting your name! How does it feel to land a Quadra Kill? How does this taste?

Ian: Very sweet. It feels really good. The moment I landed the Quadra Kill, I knew that if we won this game I will certainly get the MVP.

When you got quadra kill, it looked like you were overextending a little. You already had your triple kill but you continued to stay under the tower.

Ian: It is true that I overextended. However, we were so ahead at that point and I thought that if we kept pushing our advantage the game could not go wrong.

Yondu, this is a “debut match” for you. From, Beyond you have changed your name to Yondu. How does it feel to play as Yondu, do you think you’ve played well?

Yondu: Doesn’t feel that different but happy to have won my first game under my new nickname.

The character, Yondu, is an important figure in the Marvel Universe. “The True Father” they call him. So you reckon nothing has changed for you, playing as Yondu?

Yondu: I was notified by Riot that I had to change my nickname. There is a sub jungler in Vietnam, who also has the nickname Beyond but has debuted a year before me. So I had to change my nickname and…I had given a lot of thought, got recommendations from my teammates and my coach. I decided to go with the very first nickname that came to my head, Yondu.

What was another candidate?

Ian: Hawa.


Ian: Hawa-Ian. (A pun of Hawaiian)


Ian: Wait wait we were actually going to do it. Go with the Hawa-Ian. Hawa was the second-place in our candidates for Yondu’s new nickname.

You guys should have gotten a third player called “Pizza” and complete the Hawaiian Pizza. Why did you not do it?

Yondu: By myself, I would have been called Hawa; I thought that sounded too weird so I shied away from the choice.

The Yi-Taric combo has been around for a while, in Solo Q; but people always claimed that the strategy wasn’t possible to pull it off in a professional match. So how did you feel playing the Yi-Taric combo today?

Yondu: It was so, so fun. I was farming heavy, and all my teammates were there to babysit me. The carry potential of Yi-Taric is very high, especially in late game. It was very fun.

Yeah, it would have been fun for you but…

Ian: It was NOT fun.

Ian: I was feeling as if…I didn’t become a mid-laner for this, I didn’t sign up just to play this fatty champion (Taric). I really wanted to play a mage in the 2nd game and I got my wish. After Game 1 I suddenly gained a lot of respect for Max, our supporter.

If you watch LPL and the current Solo Q in Challengers, every imaginable champion is being showcased at the bot lane. Some people are even questioning if we should continue calling the role ADC.

Ian: I think it’s wrong, what’s been happening (With the patch).

Are you flaming Riot?

Ian: A little? Every single team must be having a hard time adjusting to this match. It has been such a dramatic change, it’s been a difficult time preparing for it.

But you had a good time making the most out of the 8.11 patch just now.

Ian: Yeah, I guess. It was a tasty victory.

And other teams would also have prepared for the 8.11 patch and the Yi-Taric comp.

Yondu: Whenever we try a wild comp, we also prepare a counter for the comp. So I am not worried.


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