PraY on his 6th year as a professional player: “The players who are a generation above me, like MadLife, are now disappearing from the scene.”

Image Source: SPOTV/Twitch

GorillA: It’s surreal to receive this MVP. I haven’t got too much spotlight recently, and I haven’t been feeling too self-confident. I hope that I can bounce back with my confidence using this MVP as my motivation.

Khan: I don’t know why, but everyone in the booth was calm today. Even when we won the match we didn’t jump out of our seat.

Khan, any particularly memorable moment for you at Game 1?

Khan: I remember getting greedy at the razor camp and dying…

Yeah, we did see that too. You must have regretted that moment a lot for it to be the first thing you mention.

Khan: Yeah, I really regretted that play.

You had your retribution at Game 2, with your performance on Renekton.

Khan: Aatrox has been a common pick recently. As a team, we’ve been talking about how to counter Aatrox, and Renekton has been the top pick. Renekton can pressure Aatrox to a point that Aatrox doesn’t even have room to breathe.

Today, PraY has achieved a milestone by getting his 1500th kill as a professional player. We’ll also invite PraY to the MVP interview! Congratulations on the 1500 kill.

PraY, your once opponents and teammates have now moved onto a coach or have retired. You are the man that has laned with historic players of LCK yet are still performing top notch in LCK

PraY: It does feel good to have played professionally for 6 years. However, the players who are a generation above me, like MadLife, are now disappearing (from the scene). It’s been sad to see  I’d like the generation above me to continue playing professionally, to set an example for me. Ambition-hyung, for example.

How long would you like Ambition to play?

PraY: Ambition became World champion at his age, so I don’t think I’ll have any issues playing until I’m at Ambition’s age.

Did you celebrate your 6th year anniversary with your teammates?

PraY: Yeah, it was a great day. We…went home, practiced and slept.

All the audience was getting hyped about your 1500th kill!

PraY: I’m happy to have landed the 1500th kill at SPOTV!



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