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[SC2-GSL Super Tournament 2] Classic: “I am practicing hard for Blizzcon and I will try my best to win it!”

For the last match of the GSL Super Tournament 2 Ro8, we had some crazy PvP between Kim Dowoo ‘Classic’ and Jang Hyunwoo ‘Creator’. Classic was the huge favorite here but Creator almost reverse swept the series by winning the game 3 and 4. In the end, Classic won the decisive set on Fracture.

Hello Classic. Congratulations for your qualification to the Semifinals! How do you feel?

Classic: I was winning 2-0, it seemed like an easy qualification but he caught me up on game 3 and 4 so I got nervous, thinking that I could lose. But I won the last game so I am very happy.

You will now face Dark in the next round.

Classic: I hate that… I lost too often against him. Last Super Tournament I lost against Dark in the Ro4, I also lost at GSL vs The World. Hence I’m losing confidence but still, I win sometimes so I really want to win tomorrow!

Do you have a Zerg training partner?

Classic: There are not many Zerg players in Korea. I used to practice with Solar but now I only practice on the ladder.

Well, you have already secured your spot in the WCS Grand Finals! Serral is the great favorite this year. Any thoughts?

Classic: We have no choice but to acknowledge him. Before GSL vs The World I knew he was good but not world-first-class good. But after that tournament, I changed my mind. I think he is currently the best Zerg. Maru and him are the “2 tops” right now.

And what about foreign Protoss?

Classic: When Neeb was performing well, I thought highly of him but his recent results have been disappointing. So Korean Protoss currently might be stronger.

I talked with Dark earlier and he thinks Protoss is the strongest race at the moment.

Classic: *laughing nervously* He is just whining because I know he would still win. I think Zerg is the strongest race! I also think that Solar will win against sOs tomorrow as Zerg is stronger.

You know that if Solar wins he is qualified for Blizzcon! 

Classic: I can’t let him win and see him go to Blizzcon. I don’t like Zergs so I hope that sOs will win. *laughs*

Let’s talk about this season maps. Is there any map that you really hate?

Classic: Compared to season 2, there isn’t any weird map so it’s okay but they are not favorable to Protoss either. Overall I’m not fond of this map rotation.

Last question: you are one of the oldest players among the active players. How do you picture the future of the SC2 esports scene?

Classic: Honestly, there was a lot of saying since long ago that it was a dead game but it’s still working! If Blizzard keeps supporting it like now, I think it will keep existing. The foreigners are currently doing great which makes the competition more interesting and entertaining. I see almost no difference of level between the 2 circuits so the future looks bright to me!

Any last words to the fans?

Classic: I want to thank all the fans supporting me. I know I haven’t shown my best performance lately but I am practising hard for Blizzcon and I will try my best to win it!



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