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[SC2-GSL Super Tournament 2] Dark: “I am still stronger than Serral as I am one series ahead in our face to face records.”

Dark after his victory against Bunny. Capture from AfreecaTv Broadcast on twitch.tv/gsl

The third match of the day in this Ro8 opposed Lee Jaesun ‘Bunny’ who surprised everyone yesterday by defeating soO, and Park Ryungwoo ‘Dark’, one of the best, if not the best, Korean Zerg player. But Bunny didn’t make another upset: Dark won the series 3 to 1.

Congratulations! Do you have some words about this match?

Dark: Bunny played quite annoyingly compared to what I expected so I ended up doing some celebrations. I feel actually bad about this.

I talked with Solar earlier and he predicted Bunny to win saying that he helped him to practice. 

Dark: Did you think that practicing with Solar would be enough to beat my ZvT? *laugh*

About next game between Classic and Creator.

Dark: I’ve always thought Creator was good but unlucky. He did so great yesterday. If Creator wins, it could be dangerous! I hope Classic will win.

Are you confident about winning this tournament?

Dark: I am and I want to but if I do win, I will be 4th in the Korean rankings and I would be in the same group as Serral to play him in the first round. So even if I win I wouldn’t be so happy about it. *laugh*

Talking about Blizzcon, you know Serral is in great shape right now. What do you think and what about the other foreigners?

Dark: Hmm…I think Maru is still stronger than Serral. For the other players, I thought ShoWTimE was a really great player when he used to practice on the Korean ladder but he doesn’t really perform that well during tournaments. If he could play as well as on the ladder during the official matches, he would be a fearsome opponent.

Could you rank the top 2 for each race in the world?

Dark: To start with Terran, Maru is obviously the best, then I would have said TY but his performance has been declining since his 2nd place [at the last GSL].

What about the Zergs then? Do you think you are stronger than Serral?

Dark: Yes I do! And I am 1 series ahead in our face to face records. It’s one but still…So Serral and me. About Protoss, it’s hard to say. I don’t think they have an outstanding player.

What do you think about the current balance? (patch being played on the tournament, not the new one online)

Dark: I think Protoss are the best but they are unable to use their power.

What do you mean? If they are the best race…

Dark: Well,  I don’t know *laugh*

Could you please tell me what is your favorite/most hated map of the moment?

Dark: Fracture is the worst! And I like Acid Plant. Fracture really sucks… We spawn too close to each other. More basis you take, closer you get! It’s really hard from the Zerg perspective.

What do you think of the future of SC2 esports scene?

Dark: Honestly, I thought it was over 2 years ago but new tournaments have been created, many people got involved and more came to watch! So it’s rather positive.

Is there anything you want to say to Blizzard?

Dark: I heard that they take care a lot about Overwatch and Heartstone. I wish they will feel more concerned about us and keep organizing tournaments.

Last question, I was curious: most of the Korean players now have a team. Are you in contact with any of them? What is the most important criteria for you to choose a team?

Dark: I often get approached but it’s hard to find out a meeting point. I think I’m too picky *laugh*. The most important thing for me is to be able to keep all the cash prize for me.

Do you have any last words?

Dark: Well I always say the same thing: thank you for your support and interest. Please keep giving me your love. Thank you!


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