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[SC2-GSL Super Tournament 2] Solar: “I think Serral [is stronger than Maru] because I am a Zerg player and I know how amazing he is”

Solar before his match against Stats. Capture from AfreecaTv Broadcast on

Only a month before Blizzcon, GSL Super Tournament 2 is the last chance to qualify for the WCS Global Finals for the Korean players. Jin Air Green Wings Protoss player, Kim Yoojin ‘sOs’ is now 8th in the WCS Korea standings by winning against his teammate Jo Seongju ‘Maru’ earlier today.

His next game against Infinity Gaming Zerg, Kang Minsoo ‘Solar’ will be decisive. Indeed, if sOs wins, he would be qualified for the Grand Finals but if Solar wins both the Semi and the Finals, Solar would be the one to go to the most prestigious SC2 tournament. After his victory against Stats, Solar answered a few questions in English.

Congratulations for your victory! How do you feel?

Solar: I am so happy right now because Stats is the best Protoss in 2018 and my Blizzcon hope is still alive.

At the end of the series, we saw you speaking with Stats. What did you tell him?

Solar: I just coached him. He shouldn’t play like this *laugh*

When did you know that you won the last game?

Solar: When I sniped some High Templars with my Mutas, I actually killed 4 who were full mana so I think that was huge. Then I could kill him with Hydras and Banelings.

You will face sOs in the next match. It’s really important as you are both fighting for a spot in Blizzcon.

Solar: I am very worried. He has a very strange style, I can’t predict him so I will play very standard. It will be very fun games. Stats is gonna help me practice.

The 2 remaining matches are Bunny vs Dark and Classic vs Creator. What are your predictions?

Solar: Bunny is gonna win because I helped him practice and Creator has no chance I think.

If you win against sOs, who would you rather face between Bunny and Classic?

Solar: I prefer Classic because he is Protoss and I am very confident in my ZvP.

What do you think about the Starcraft 2 esports future?

Solar: Many players are back from the army right now like Fantasy and Taeja. They were really good players before and they are also really good right now. Fantasy actually qualified for the Super Tournament this time. So I think SC2 esports still live if Blizzard don’t die.

Who do you think is the best right now between Serral and Maru?

Solar: I think Serral, because I am a zerg player and I know how amazing he is. And I actually watched a lot his streaming yesterday so Serral, yeah.

Is there another foreign player who caught your attention?

Solar: I think Lambo is getting really really better. When he was practising in Korea, I didn’t think he was that good. Now he always reaches Semifinals in WCS and he shows really really good builds and skills so I think Lambo is one of the strongest players in WCS.

Could you rank top 3 players in WCS?

Solar: I think Special, Serral and Neeb.

Any last words?

Solar: Thank you for watching my games in GSL this time and please keep cheering for me and for a spot in Blizzcon!


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