Score on the synergy between his Gragas and Bdd’s Yasuo: “I don’t know about Bdd’s Yasuo, but my Gragas is always ready to deliver. My Gragas is flawless.”

On 8th of March KT Rolster took a head start on the race to avoid relegations by defeating Gen.G Esports. The team defeated Gen.G with a 2-1 match score, led by great synergy between the team’s mid-laner Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong and jungler Go “Score” Dong-bin.

This is a press conference interview with KT Rolster’s Bdd and Score after KT Rolster ended its losing streak by taking victory against Gen.G Esports.

Congratulations to both players on breaking the losing streak. How do you feel about today’s match, Score?

Score: It was my first match in a while, and I made some mistakes in-game. Nonetheless, we have won today. KT has been on a losing streak but today was the day that we broke that losing streak. So, I am happy.

Bdd, how do you personally feel about breaking the losing streak? It’s been a while since your interview.

Bdd: Today’s was a very important match, and I had immense pressure on my shoulders as we prepared for the Gen.G match. I’ve been living like a zombie, yet today’s victory gets the blood flowing in my veins again. I had my birthday and my 3rd year anniversary during the period, and I’ve been practicing, unable to celebrate these occasions. However, the fans celebrated for me, and I think I was able to gain strength from that support.

The synergy between Bdd’s Yasuo and Score’s Gragas in game two and three was amazing. What was the teamwork between you two like, Score and Bdd? Did you prepare this draft?

Score: To be honest, we didn’t practice it too much in scrims. However … I don’t know about Bdd’s Yasuo, but my Gragas is always ready to deliver. My Gragas is flawless.

Bdd: I’m always confident in my own Yasuo, too. It became even better when I played next to Score’s Gragas. I guess I got carried by Score. It feels sweet to ride this bus.

In games two and three, KT Rolster showed a strength that we came to expect from the team last year. In recent matches, KT would often make mistakes and fail to translate early game leads into a victory. However, today, KT snowballed the games successfully.

Bdd: We are also a low-ranked team. I guess this is a common thing among us low-ranked teams – We often don’t know how to secure victory, feel lost on finding a direction within the game. In game one, we lost the game because we played passively. After the game, we shared feedback on this, agreed to play decisively. When everyone followed this direction, the games turned out well.

This is a sad thing to say, but you still have a ways to go. You need to escape relegations, and may even look to becoming a mid-tier team in the LCK rankings. Your next match against Afreeca Freecs will be extremely important in deciding your place in the rankings.

Score: The Gen.G match was also an important match because both of us were bottom-tier teams. Every single match from now will also be important, not just the match against Afreeca.

Bdd: I was so stressed about today’s match. We would have had two important matches back-to-back, Gen.G and Afreeca Freecs. Now that we’ve won today’s match, I think we will be able to go into the next match calmer. I guess that is good.


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