SeongHwan on HLE’s next match against Kingzone: “Griffin defeated Kingzone 2:0…So I think we, too, can defeat Kingzone.”

HLE SeongHwan and Lindarang: Image Source: OGN/Twitch

HLE continued their run on securing their spot in Playoffs. By defeating MVP, HLE secured 3rd place in the LCK standings in a convincing 2:0 victory.

After the match, OGN interviewed the two MVPs of the day, SeongHwan and Lindarang.

Congratulations on your win against MVP, SeongHwan and Lindarang! SeongHwan, this is your first MVP.

SeongHwan: Never knew that MVP interviews made you so nervous!

HLE played today’s games so well, from picks and bans to the execution.

SeongHwan: We referenced previous games of other teams, like the SKT match recently. We’ve been looking for inspiration on how we should draft in the 8.12 Meta.

SeongHwan: Actually, I was really excited to play Taliyah when we picked her. This is the first match that we can have Smite on Taliyah again. However she was drafted into mid-lane, I was pretty disappointed about that.

Lindarang: It is true that Taliyah jungle is still better than Taliya mid at the moment, but SeongHwan must first earn the team’s trust in his ability to play Taliyah. (Laughs)

HLE Lindarang. Image Source: SPOTV/Twitch

Lindarang, SeongHwan, you’ve been playing with HLE’s coach before the team saw the light. You must be quite close to the coach now.

SeongHwan: The coach has been recently very harsh at us. In a way, his criticisms are what lifted the team’s performance to what it is today, but…Coach, when you are frustrated, can you please…hold it back. Maybe be kinder to us.

So the whips of the coaches have made you who you are.

Lindarang: These days, he has two whips, one in each hand.

HLE is currently 3rd in LCK, behind Griffin and Gen.G. You are above Kingzone DragonX in LCK rankings at the moment! Your next match on Saturday is against Kingzone. What are your resolutions?

SeongHwan: Griffin defeated Kingzone 2:0, everyone in HLE watched that match. While our loss against Griffin was a very close one, where we almost took the match away. So I think we, too, can defeat Kingzone.

Lindarang: I didn’t expect to see a lot of audiences, as today’s game started earlier than the usual. However, fans have come to support us for today’s match. Thank you so much for your support.


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