SKT Faker on reverse-sweeping MVP: “This makes me start to hope again”

Image Source: SPOTV/Twitch

Let’s start with Game 1. Can you tell us more about the Rumble pick?

Bang: We believe that Rumble is a good pick at the moment at the moment. Also you can rotate Rumble into the ADC role, so we decided to pick him with Rumble’s versatility also considered.

Bang, you are a player who represents the ADC position. So it’s always exciting to see you carry in a mage champion.

Bang: As a Swain, I didn’t deal too much damage, but I somehow managed to land the last hits and take the kills.

Bang, you’ve recently mentioned in an interview that you like this meta because you get to try new champions. Given that, did it feel to get to go back to your signature marksman pick, Ezreal?

Bang: Ezreal is a mid-to-late game pick, so you really have to rely on your team mates to support you towards at, and…When I play mages, I don’t know how to position myself as I’m not used to them. However when I play marksman champions I know exactly how to position myself and see an opening.

Effort, how about you? What do you think about your performance in Game 3?

Effort: I got caught out just once in the game, but other than that I played’ve really well.

That was probably the best Gragas support we’ve ever seen! Effort, another question for you Gragas really relies on CDR, but you’ve gone Boots of Mobility instead of Ionian Boots.

Effort: I realized that the game could turn difficult with Pyke roaming, so I went with Ionian Boots to catch up with Pyke.

Faker, this is your 400th game in LCK! Did you know that you were playing your 400th game?

Faker: I didn’t know that it was my 400th game.

Your Galio was amazing, your deal graph was off the chart.

Faker: Didn’t feel so good after the loss Game 1, but we eventually won the match…This makes me start to hope again.

Can you please tell us about Game 3?

Faker: We played frustratingly at Game 1 and Game 2, but I think we’ve tied the set well.

Your next match is a Telecom War! You’ve exceeded expectations in the last Telecom War and defeated KT Rolster. Do you think you can make another upset for this Telecom War?

Bang: We’ll try our best.

Effort: We think SKT can really make our revival if we win the next match. So please continue cheering for us for the next match.

Faker: Now for us, every match is a fight for survival. We’ll try our best to win the next match; and if we don’t, we’ll try to win every single match after that.



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