SKT T1 qualifies for the Regional Gauntlet; SKT T1 can still make it to Worlds

At 8th of August, Afreeca Freecs defeated Jin Air Greenwings in a 2:0 victory and secured a 5th spot in LCK Plyaoffs. This news also has one unexpected outcome that SKT fans might welcome; SKT still has a chance to qualify for 2018 World Championships.

Hanwha Life Esports finished both Spring Split and Summer Split on 6th place. This means that the former ROX Tigers team does not get any circuit points and does not qualify for the Regional Gauntlet. As SKT has come 4th place in Spring Split, they are awarded 30 circuit points which is now enough for the 5th and final spot in the Regional Gaunlet.

In order for SKT T1 to make it to Worlds, they must win the Regional Gauntlet. As SKT starts from the bottom of the Regional Gauntlet, they will have to defeat every other LCK team that are attending the Regional Gauntlet. They will face three teams out of Griffin, KT Rolster, Kingzone DragonX, Gen.G and Afreeca Freecs.

Upsets have happened in Regional Gauntlets before. In 2017, Samsung Galaxy placed 4th in Playoffs but proceeded to come 1st place in the Regional Gauntlets and qualify for 2017 Worlds; the very same competition that Samsung Galaxy eventually won. SKT fans will continue to pray for a miracle – a miracle that will see the 3-times World Champions return to 2018 Worlds.


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