Smeb on his Old ROX teammates coming to support him for the promotions: “These players sitting over there, they also didn’t have good results and came to Korea early. [laughs] I hope we all succeed in the future.”

Song "Smeb" Kyung-ho, the captain of KT Rolster, spoke of his determination to defend the team's spot in the LCK. Image Source: Korizon

KT Rolster kept its hopes alive for defending their spot in the LCK for the summer split. On the 16th of April, KT Rolster played against Team VSG in the first match of the 2019 LCK summer promotions, coming out victorious with a convincing 2-0 match score. The team will now return to LoL Park in two days to play the winner of Jin Air Greenwings vs ES Sharks to stay in the LCK and avoid relegation.

After KT’s match against VSG, Riot Korea interviewed Song “Smeb” Kyung-ho, the captain of the team.

Congratulations on the victory today! What kind of preparations did you make for the two week period after the regular season?

Smeb: We had nowhere to back off. So we entered a fresh mindset and prepared hard for the promotions.

It really looked like KT Rolster was playing a level above the opponent. KT Rolster’s strength in teamfights was especially noticeable.

Smeb: We collectively decided that we have to band together, that was the direction we took as a team. The recent practice that we had was good, and I think that reflected on our performance.

Also, the players of KT Rolster have been grinding the South Korean ladder very hard. Did it help with the team’s performance in any way?

Smeb: All the players are working hard, of course. I believe that the solo ladder has had a good influence too.

VSG is a team that actively uses a 10 man roster. How was it going against such a team?

Smeb: VSG was not a team that we were familiar with facing. It was tricky to prepare against such an opponent. However, we are a mature team so we prepared for the match with a bit more confidence.

What is the most memorable moment for you in today’s match?

Smeb: I died twice in a row, and at that point, I felt really apologetic to my teammates. That is the most memorable moment for me.

The 2015 members of ROX Tigers – from left, PraY, Hojin, Kuro, GorillA – came to the match to support their old teammate Smeb. Image Source: Korizon

Today, your teammates from Old ROX also came to support you. Did that give you any extra support for today’s match?

Smeb: These players sitting over there, they also didn’t have good results and came to Korea early. So…[laughs] it does give me the strength to see them here. I hope we all succeed in the future.

Thank you for the interview. Next, you will be playing against the winner of Jin Air Greenwings and ES Sharks. Do you have any final resolutions for the match?

Smeb: I’d like to believe that we only have one match left in promotions. We will win the next match with a convincing performance. I’d like to keep our place in the LCK in an impactful manner. Thank you.


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