SUP support Snowflower reflects on his year in Turkey

Play-ins allow smaller regions to compete with bigger regions’ seed 3 to qualify to the main event. Last year, 1907 Fenerbahçe from the Turkish League could therefore play in the World Championship group stage after defeating Hong Kong Attitude on tiebreaker then Team oNe esports from Brazil in the second round. This year, SuperMassive and Gambit were the closest to access the main event but in the end, only seed 1 teams made it. After SUP lost to G-Rex No ‘SnowFlower’ Hoi-jong, also known as ‘NoonKot’ in Korea, reflected on his year with Supermassive. The interview has been conducted in Korean then translated.

Hello SnowFlower, you just played your last game in this Worlds. How do you feel?

SnowFlower: First of all, I’ve always dreamed of playing at Worlds so I am happy. Unfortunately we couldn’t make it to the group stage but I believe there will be other opportunities, I will work harder to succeed next time.

You played with Zeitnot (SUP Adc) this year. How was it?

SnowFlower: As it was my first experience abroad in an unfamiliar country, I was worried. But Zeitnot was actually way stronger than I expected so we could shine together.

How did you communicate together?

SnowFlower: At first, it was difficult because my English was bad but with time, I improved and we could have basic conversation.

Considering the whole team during the games, who does speak the most and lead the team?

SnowFlower: Overall the atmosphere is not really different from Korean teams I’d say. For the shotcalls, GBM and I are the ones who do it the most.

At Game 1, Zeitnot did a Pentakill with his Kai’sa after a Quadra kill.

SnowFlower: Well, it wasn’t my Pentakill so I wasn’t that happy (laughs). When he got the Quadra again we just said to give him the Pentakill but most of all, I was glad we won the game.

Game 2 was really close and even the next games. How do you remotivate and hold yourself together when it’s not going well?

SnowFlower: We try to keep it positive by saying “we can win”, “we can do it” and I continue to talk about the game by planning the next moves.

Is there anything you want to say to your ADC? Let’s do a “special message for Zeitnot” moment.

SnowFlower: I don’t know if he is going to read this but here we go. My dear Berkay, you were such a stronger player than I expected when I first met you and you also improved a lot during the year. I am sure you will reach top class level if you make even more efforts and become mentally stronger.

Now regarding your own performance, is there any specific point that you really want to improve next year?

SnowFlower: About our game against G2, I made some mistakes during the pick and ban. I gave to the opponents the high tear champions and I ended up with worse picks. I realized that too late and I’m sad about it. There are also some champions that I want to play better.

I think with this Worlds but also the last MSI, people around the world have discovered you, especially with your remarkable performance on Rakan. What kind of player do you want to be remembered for? 

SnowFlower: I never really thought of it but I guess the best support in the world! And more specifically, I think I already have this image of a support who initiates the fight well. I will continue on this path.

Is there anything you want to say to coach Irean as well? I am sure you become close while being in Turkey with GBM and him.

SnowFlower: Dear coach. You were like a friend, we got close easily and quickly and I had fun spending time with you in Turkey. Well, you tend to often forget small things so I hope it will get better. (laughs) Thank you for the past year.

It’s now the end of the season. What are your plans for next year? Is there any player from SUP that you would like to keep playing with?

SnowFlower: Every time I tried to predict something, I was always wrong. I once said I don’t want to leave Korea or even something like I won’t be a progamer anymore. But it never occurred as I predicted. So I guess whatever will be, will be.

I wish you the best! Do you have any last words?

SnowFlower: First of all, there were still many people cheering for me in Korea and I’d like to thank them. I am sad that we couldn’t make it to group stage. But there will be another year. I will do my best to reach a bigger stage!


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