GRF Tarzan on the insane Evelynn backdoor: “If a pink ward spotted me, the game would have been difficult for us. So my entire body was shaking as I [approached the SKT base], I was extremely nervous”

On March 8th, Griffin came out on top after a breathtaking 2-1 victory against SKT T1 to continue their undefeated run.
After the match, Riot Korea interviewed the double MVP of the day, Lee “Tarzan” Seung-yong.

Griffin has achieved a historic milestone, 11 victories in a row! We’d like to interview the sole MVP of the day, Tarzan.

Tarzan, Griffin returned to the stage after a two-week break from the LCK. How did you spend this break?

Tarzan: We did get to rest a little bit, but we were also able to put a heavy focus on practice. With our two-week break, we got to experiment with various champions and try new strategies.

The first game of the series didn’t work out so well for Griffin. You lost the first game against SKT. Did you go back and modify your strategy after that game?

Tarzan: After we lost the first game, it looked like our team had a difficult time with the given draft. They picked a team composition that can bounce off against Nocturne really well, so we immediately corrected our own team composition.

Also, in game one and game two, Sword picked Urgot despite being nerfed.

Tarzan: Sword was very confident in the champion. I do believe that the nerf has targeted his lane phase, his mana regeneration, and health. However, Sword seemed confident about playing the Urgot despite this so he picked it.

Griffin picking Urgot for the second time in the series. Image Source: Riot

You also showed amazing performance on Elise in game two. You got the snowball rolling for Griffin by succeeding a tower dive at bot lane.

Tarzan: Elise is a champion that is very suited for a tower dive, so we believed that we could go for it even if the opponent jungler was there. I think it worked out well, as well as it did it in our practices.

In the third game, we need to talk about your insane backdoor base rush on Evelynn. You used Evelynn’s skills to sneak into the opponent’s base and place a ward that sealed the fate for SKT.

Tarzan: Because we had lost a teamfight right before that moment, if I was caught the game would have been completely over. If a pink ward spotted me, the game would have been difficult for us. So my entire my body was shaking as I [approached the SKT base], I was extremely nervous. Even after it was over, my hand kept shaking, it wouldn’t stop.

Today is the one year anniversary of Chovy’s pro debut. Can you say a word of congratulations to Chovy?

Tarzan: Chovy, congratulations on your 1st year anniversary. Let’s keep doing well and make a lot of highlights together.


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