Ucal joins Afreeca Freecs as the team’s new midlaner

On 22th of November, Afreeca Freecs announced that Son “Ucal”  has joined the team. This will be the beginning of a series of roster additions that Afreeca will be making in preparation for 2018.

Ucal, the “super rookie”, debuted for KT Rolster in 2018 Summer Split. Ucal subbed in for the team’s existing mid laner, PawN, and quickly became the starting mid laner for the team. Despite his young age, Ucal was praised for his large champion pool and all-rounder playstyle and was the key contributor to the team winning 2018 LCK Summer Split and qualifying for Worlds.

On 20th of November, Ucal announced that he will be parting ways with KT Rolster. It was only two days after that the deal was signed and Afreeca Freecs announced the roster change. In the announcement, Afreeca Freecs bid the fans to support Ucal so “Ucal can achieve great things with Afreeca Freecs during 2019”.


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