Griffin Viper: “For this LCK finals, we will chase the cup once again with fire.”

On the 24th of March, Griffin locked down first place in the 2019 LCK spring split regular season. Griffin defeated DAMWON Gaming with a 2-0 match score, totaling 14 series wins in the 2019 LCK spring split, ensuring that the team will finish first place in the regular season and earning a direct ticket to the LCK finals being held on the 13th of April.

Park “Viper” Do-hyun said Griffin wasn’t going to become complacent anytime soon, however. The AD carry of the team was already looking forward to performing for the remaining two matches of the split, exploring the new meta changes and preparing for the finals. Following is the press conference interview with Viper.

Congratulations – You have secured first place in the LCK spring split, and will be directly heading to the 2019 LCK spring split finals. How are you feeling at the moment?

Viper: We will be facing tough opponents in the remaining two matches. It’s true that we’ve earned the tickets for the finals, however, we must close up the two remaining matches in a clean manner in order to show good performance in the finals. I’ll do as I always do; work hard. Of course, I’m very grateful that we’ve been given another chance to show our performance in the finals stage.

Griffin has impressive statistics against DAMWON Gaming. Griffin has so far recorded 11 wins and 0 losses against DAMWON. Did you expect today’s match to be relatively easy due to this history?

Viper: Every single individual on DAMWON Gaming is placed high in the Korean solo queue ladder. I personally think that they are very competent. I tried not to lower my guard against them. As for the historic team records or stats, I wasn’t too conscious of them.

You have won a direct ticket to the finals, however, the journey so far hasn’t been an easy one. You dropped a few matches, you were even on a losing streak at one point. If you look back at the spring split, is there a particular moment or game that stands out in your memories? A game you regret the most, perhaps?

Viper: As for the most memorable game in the spring split … I remember the game against Hanwha Life Esports where I landed a Pentakill. As for the most regretful game … It was the first game in the recent series against Gen.G Esports. I am most regretful about the game one against Gen.G

What was regretful about the game?

Viper: We were ahead, yet we ruined a favorable game with our own hands. We all made mistakes individually, what we played didn’t even deserve to be called a game, we crumbled into a mess. If we had approached that game as well as the second game of the series with our own style, perhaps we could have prepared for the next match against Afreeca Freecs with more resolve. I am a little regretful.

Because you have qualified directly for the spring split finals, you will have a longer period of rest compared to other teams entering the Playoffs. What do you feel like the team needs to focus on during this period?

Viper: The meta has changed yet again, and new patches will be kicking in. The global ban on Sylas will be lifted from the next match. So, we need to adjust to the changing meta as quickly as possible. We will have to find the “OP” picks in the current meta. We’ll be making preparations so we can display our full potential no matter which team we end up facing at the end of the Playoffs. We will have to hone our individual skills, as well as the teamwork between us.

Neeko has been making appearances in the LCK ever since Gen.G first popularized it. In the current meta, Neeko is drafted as a top laner or an AD carry. Viper, what are your personal thoughts on Neeko?

Viper: Neeko’s quite good as a top laner. She does not have a distinct counter pick during the laning phase. I’ve observed that players are often unsure how to play against her when she lanes in one of the solo lanes. Neeko is also a decent AD carry pick. Her auto attack range is as good as the other AD carries that make appearances at the bot lane in the recent meta. She’s definitely a viable pick if you can ensure that you dominate the early-mid game lane phase.

You have qualified for the LCK finals. Which team would you like to face in the finals?

Viper: I’m not sure … Hmmm. I am confident that we would win no matter which team makes it to the finals. However, personally, it would be great if DAMWON Gaming climbs up the Playoffs and ends up at the finals.

Is it because of the match history between you and Damwon Gaming?

Viper: Yes. Not necessarily because the match history will make us feel more comfortable going into the series, but because the opposing team will feel more pressure. If you have lost against the same team eleven times but never won a game during that time, wouldn’t that have some impact?

However, as our coach has said, we’ll work hard so we will be able to win no matter which team eventually faces us in the finals.

Thank you for the interview. Do you have any final words?

Viper: In the [2018 summer split finals], we stumbled. It was a match where we tripped on our own feet. For this LCK finals, we will chase the cup once again with fire.


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