Damwon Nuguri: “After winning the Baron fight, I thought that from that point onward the game will be easy.”

On 28th of December, Damwon Gaming shocked the world by defeating the favorites of the tournament. SK Telecom T1, dubbed the “Dream Team” for their massive signing of star players from other LCK teams, failed to deliver against newly promoted LCK team Damwon Gaming, Damwon winning the best-of-3 on a 2-1 match score. Damwon will next face Griffin, who had beaten Afreeca Freecs earlier on the day.

KeSPA Cup interviewed Damwon’s top laner and jungler Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon and Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu following their victory over SKT.

It has been a fierce fight until the end, and you have been with us until the end. We will meet with two of the protagonist behind today’s drama, Nuguri and Canyon. Congratulations on your win!

You have managed a comeback win against SKT. It must have been tough for you Nuguri. How do you feel?

Nuguri: It still hasn’t hit me. Beating SKT, it feels like I’m in a dream.

Canyon, this was your first tournament and you came back against SK Telecom T1. Can you tell me about it?

Canyon: First of all, I feel like I didn’t do well, but my teammates did. I am both sorry and thankful towards them.

Nuguri, in your first game you had a hard time. It could have been a tilting experiencing for you.

Nuguri: On the first game, it felt that I showed all the mistakes I usually show in practices.

What do you think the problem was?

Nuguri: I think communication with the jungler was a problem. Also, I often fall prone to aggressive ganking. So maybe I need to practise more on champions like Viktor who is susceptible to ganks.

On the second game, you showed good performance on Aatrox and for your third game, you picked Vladimir. This was picked for the first time [in this tournament]. How did you come to pick this?

Nuguri: Vladimir is a pick that’s been prominent in Solo q recently. Since we had already drafted Camille and Galio, I told [my teammates] that Vladimir on this draft would be great for teamfights.

Have been playing Vladimir in scrims?

Nuguri: We have tried Vladimir before, but not much recently. I played quite a bit on Solo q though.

Canyon, you picked the Camille. Camill has not been getting picked or banned as much in the quarterfinals. Where would you place this champion’s tier?

Canyon: I think Camille is not that great on her own. However, paired up with champions like Galio I’d say Camille shines more.

The impressive comeback of Damwon was initiated by the Baron fight, where you, Canyon, marked Azir brilliantly. Did the team’s mood change for the better from that point?

Canyon: After getting the pick on Azir, I think it all worked out.

Nuguri: At the time, [SKT’s] ability to burst Baron quickly was immense so we were under great pressure, not helped by our lack of vision. After winning the Baron fight, I thought that from that point onward the game will be easy. We even said “We won” during that game.

Your next opponent is Griffin. It will be a rematch between two former Challengers Korea team. What do you expect about this match?

Nuguri: It’s a mountain beyond another mountain. We barely won over SKT, and we are going against Griffin in a couple of days. We will just have to accept and prepare.

Canyon, for your next series against Griffin, can you say something?

Canyon: Personally, I wanted to face against Griffin. I would like to showcase an epic teamfight with Griffin.

Do you have any word for fans?

Canyon: We only have a couple of days left [in KeSPA Cup], but we will try our best and show good results. Thank you.

Again, congratulation for your win, Nuguri and Canyon, thank you for the interview!


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