Deft on the performance of Kingzone DragonX: “For next time, I will try my best to be the sexiest player on the team.”

Kingzone DragonX are the winners of today's match against DAMWON Gaming. Image Source: Korizon

Kingzone DragonX has defeated DAMWON Gaming to advance to the next round of LCK playoffs. With both teams possessing unique brands of talent and decision making, the match was expected to be close, with Kingzone, having rebuilt their roster from last year, facing off against DAMWON, who were recently promoted to LCK. On this day, however, Kingzone was prepared, methodically dismantling their opponent to conclude the series with a 3-0.

Riot Korea interviewed the starting roster of Kingzone DragonX following the match.

Kingzone DragonX has brought themselves a perfect victory, ending the series with a 3-0. We will be interviewing Rascal, Cuzz, PawN, Deft and TusiN.

Rascal, can you tell us what the team’s expectation was before the match?

Rascal: I don’t know about anyone else, but since this was my first Bo5, and because I was nervous at the start, I wasn’t prepared for a 3-0. We were confident that we could, just didn’t expect it.

With you taking MVP for the third game and performing so well this match, this must be quite a memorable split for you, since this is your first time being a starter in your team. 

Rascal: This is the first time I was the sole starter on the team. It was tougher than I thought it would be, and I could feel the empty spot where Khan used to be.

You played against DAMWON’s top laner Nuguri today. Can you tell us what it was like?

Rascal: Nuguri was great at dodging and hitting skillshots.

But you were slightly better?

Rascal: Both Nuguri and I played well today.

You will be facing off against Khan in the next round. Any words going into it?

Rascal: This season, after having been with Khan for the last two years, I could feel the empty spot where he used to be, and it was a lonely experience. After playing as a starter for the whole split, I felt that I have grown, and I am now confident that I can win against Khan, and claim victory in the match against SKT.

Cuzz, going into the second round of the regular season, Kingzone’s topside has shown an increase in performance. Looking back, can you tell us about that?

Cuzz: Part of it is thanks to me improving as well, but I say our mid and top laner improving helped.

It seems your team was very prepared in the draft, with the Ornn and Nocturne synergy showing up in the first game.

Cuzz: In the first game, I thought that we could the Nocturne well, and we had more champions available to use in our arsenal.

We saw an epic moment in the bottom lane that was created through the Ornn-Nocturne engage. Can you give us insight on the decision making involved in this play?

Cuzz: Since we judged Jayce to be quite important to their composition, we focused on getting him behind.

PawN, people have been discussing your champion pool. Today, you demonstrated that you indeed have a champion ocean. Can you tell us which champion you favor the most?

PawN: I like Leblanc the most. It’s a champion that I am the most confident in and since it’s not a champion that can be played every time, I tend to pick it depending on the circumstances.

You mentioned in the interview that to be regarded as a super rookie, they must overcome you. Having concluded today’s series with a 3-0, do you believe that statement was proven?

PawN: We are starting to see more rookie talents appear in the scene, and along with that the departure of veterans. Now, me, along with Faker are the ones that remain. Since both of us are World Champions, I believe the newcomers need to win at least one World Championship.

Your rivalry with Faker has been notable. With anticipation in the air, are you confident about the match up?

PawN: My career has been weird, with frequent hiatuses. After defeating Faker in the 2015 Mid Season Invitational, my personal record against him hasn’t been that great, and this trend continues in 2019 as well. Since the playoffs is the real deal, I will make sure to do my best.

There has been a lot of talk that bottom lane would be an important factor in today’s match. Are you satisfied with your performance in the match today?

Deft: In the first game, we were quite ahead when we got killed in the 2v2 match up. Except for that, I am overall satisfied.

Many in the communities praised you for your plays today. It has been said that your performance was perfect. Do you agree with that sentiment?

Deft: Since nowadays everyone is doing well, as long as your teammates support you, you tend to look good.

What is one area you focus on the most in your play?

Deft: I believe I focus on the laning phase the most.

Having celebrated your 6th anniversary as a professional player, and your 1000th kill in LCK, it must have been quite the split for you. Can you tell us how you feel looking back?

Deft: Outside of things like 1000 kills in LCK, prior to the start of the split, our expectation as a team was quite low. However, nowadays we are doing quite well, with our performance improving, which I am glad about.

TusiN, your synergy with Deft has been quite good. Were you satisfied with your performance today?

TusiN: I played three different champions in all three games, which I thought was quite a fun experience.

Madlife himself praised your plays on Pyke in the second game. Since Pyke is a champion that doesn’t appear often competitively, can you tell us why it was picked in the second game?

TusiN: Deft was looking through all sorts of champions, wondering if there were any better options when we picked [Pyke].

Was Morgana-Pyke picked as a counter to your opponent’s Ashe-Tahm Kench bot lane?

TusiN: To a certain extent, I thought it was a fitting match-up.

With Kingzone defeating DAMWON Gaming 3-0, can you tell us who was most sexy in your team?

TusiN: In terms of today’s performance, I thought Cuzz was the sexiest, and unfortunately for Deft, I thought he was less so.

Cuzz, TusiN has picked you as the sexiest player in the team. Are you glad to have been nominated?

Cuzz: I am quite thankful. and also, I have always felt that TusiN was quite sexy as well.

As the sexiest member of the team, can you tell us how you feel going into the next round of playoffs?

Cuzz: We will be facing off against SKT in the next round. We will practice as hard as we can, while maintaining our form to perform as well as we did today.

Do you have any words Deft?

Deft: For next time, I will try my best to be the sexiest player on the team.


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