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DWG ShowMaker on his Galio performance against KT: “Galio is an easy champ. Anyone can play like this on Galio.”

Congratulations on winning two LCK matches in a row! How are you feeling at the moment?

ShowMaker: When we were looking at our Spring Split schedule, we were going against the stronger teams in the beginning [of the split]. We thought that our second match against KT Rolster was going to be difficult. I’m glad that we won the match.

Nuguri: I was also nervous because KT Rolster is known as the “rookie killers”. The jungler of KT, Score, is known for his dominating performance over rookie players. I’m glad that we didn’t let the nerves overcome us, and played well.

ShowMaker, you played as Galio for Game 1. You often initiated the teamfights that allowed DAMWON Gaming to eventually win the game. How did the team make shotcalls for these initiations?

ShowMaker: Whenever both Galio and Nocturne in our team had ults, our support player, Hoit – he played Rakan – tried to find an opening and make a call.

Any tips on playing Galio?

ShowMaker: No particular tips. There’s not really a way to play Galio “well” because it’s such an easy champ. I was surprised when they gave me the MVP, I thought it had to go to Rakan. Galio is an easy champ. Anyone can play like this on Galio.

You’ve finally met your idol, Bdd, on stage. How did it feel to lane against him?

ShowMaker: “It’s Bdd after all,” I thought to myself. When I faced Bdd in lane, it seemed like there was some kind of aura emanating around his champion. I should have pushed the lane harder, but I got nervous against him and could not. Bdd is such a good player.

Nuguri, you took the MVP in Game 2 with your performance in Vladimir! How does that feel?

Nuguri: When we used to play in Challengers Korea, I often used to get MVP along with ShowMaker. It feels good to receive MVP alongside ShowMaker again.

Out of the LCK top laners, you are the only top laner who currently prefers Vladimir. What’s your thought on Vladimir?

Nuguri: I guess my preference on the champion is average. We pick him when we want a team comp focused on the teamfights.

Any tips on playing Vladimir?

Nuguri: For Vladimir, it is important to not die too often in the lane and have sufficient growth [during the lane phase]. There’s no champion like Vladimir at the late game, so it’s important to farm patiently in the early game.

Thank you for this interview. With your recent performance, DAMWON Gaming will now get more fans than ever. Do you have any final words for these fans?

ShowMaker: We’ll continue to work hard to show good performance.

Nuguri: DAMWON Gaming will continue to improve.



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