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Head coaches for KT Rolster and Griffin both predict that they will win the LCK finals

On the 4th of September, (KST), the Media Day of 2018 LCK Spring Split Finals was held in the Riot Korea office, Seoul. During the press conference, KT Rolster’s head coach ZanDarc, and Griffin’s head coach cvMax, both predicted that they will win the LCK finals.

ZanDarc spoke in behalf of KT Rolster. “I’d like to predict a KT victory with a 3:1 match score,” ZanDarc spoke. “That’s because if we win a game, we’ll be able to find our momentum and fully utilize the strategy we’ve prepared (for Griffin). Even when considering that we might drop an odd game, we believe that we’ll win the day.

cvMax was even bolder with his prediction. “I expect every game (at the finals) to be a difficult one, but if we piece one game together correctly I’m expecting a 3:0 victory (for Griffin).”

cvMax continued, explaining the reasoning behind his prediction: “I believe that any kind of predictions on the match score is difficult. One can only visualize the best case scenario. If I do so, we will win the first game and ride on a high spirit; use that high spirit, use the information about the opponent team that we have gathered from that first game, and finish the day with a 3:0 match score.”


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