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Kim Jung-su, the coach for Invictus Gaming, is now a free agent

Image Source: Riot Games/Eyes on Worlds: The Year of the LPL

Kim Jung-su, the coach that led LPL’s Invictus Gaming to 2018 World Championship, is now looking for a new team.

At 19th of November, Kim Jung-su posted on his Facebook account announcing that his contract with iG has been terminated and that he is open to talking with all teams from this point. Coach Kim posted his availability in Korean, English and Chinese.

안녕하세요 김정수 코치입니다. 중국시간 11월 19일로 부로 IG와의 계약이 종료 되었습니다. 현시간부로 모든팀과 대화가 가능하다는것을 알립니다. …

김정수さんの投稿 2018年11月18日日曜日


Kim has certainly left success in his wake. The last three teams that Kim Jung-su has joined have improved during his tenure as coach. At 2016, Kim was the coach for Samsung Galaxy and saw the LCK team end its season as 2016 Worlds Finalists. At 2017, Kim transferred to coach Longzhu Gaming and aided the team’s growth from a mid-tier LCK team to the 2017 LCK Summer Split Champions.

At mid-2018, Kim became the head coach for Invictus Gaming. Under Kim’s leadership, iG would grow from the 4th placed team in LPL Spring Split to 2018 World Champion in November 2018.

Organizations looking to approach Kim Jung-su for opportunities should contact him on


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